Sunday, 11 March 2012

Best Sunday (Pinafore) Dress

I like dresses.  I love the idea of being glamourous and dressing up everyday just for its own sake.  When I was younger I did my fair share of this, but these days I can't always be bothered making that much effort with my appearance.  Conversely, I don't currently own a pair of jeans so the casual option is kind of taken away.  I tend to compromise by wearing a lot of skirts and having a huge collection of tights!
One item I've recently re-discovered is the pinafore dress.  I like the way it suits my shape and is kind of easy to dress up or down depending on my mood and particular level of laziness.

Today I wore my current favourite

I think its from the 70's.  I bought it on Ebay recently and have been on the hunt for more of the same.  I'm so fussy with dresses.  The length has to be just so, not too far above the knee but not too far below it either, preferably not 100% synthetic fibres and not gathered at the waist!   The high street very rarely comes up with anything that fit's this crietria hence my ongoing search for vintage pieces. 

Pinafore dress - vintage, Ebay
Pussy bow blouse - Sainsburys
Rust tights - New Look
Belt - Primark
Trusty Tesco boots!

An extra half an hour in bed will always win out over doing something fancy with my hair or make up anytime, so it's nice to have these wardrobe compromises to make up for it!

Hope everybody's enjoying their weekend so far.

Lucy x


  1. That dress looks wonderful on you. I'd say late 70s/early 80s as it's the style I wore in my early teens, usually with a rope belt and lots of Broderie Anglaise petticoats. I love the splash of red at the waist and with the tights, too. x

  2. Thankyou so much for the comments on my blog, that dress is so so cute!!

  3. You look lovely. Great dress love the hint of red tights to ;-)) dee x

  4. Ah yes, I do adore a pinafore dress myself. We've recently got one for my new vintage shop, alas it doesn't fit me :-( so unfair.

  5. I'm frock mad,and haven't owned a pair of jeans since my early teens! I just feel awful in them! I love how versatile a frock is!
    This pinafore is a sweetie!Yay for the bright tights,always a winner!

  6. I love your pinafore dress, it's gorgeous!! I too am a massive fan of coloured tights and long boots-it always amazes me when I'm shopping for tights and all I can see is black, grey and navy! Where is the colour I shout! (and then I get dragged away by whoever I'm with!!) xx

  7. oh what a fabulous dress darling, the colours and checks make me happy;)
    love and kiss,mary

  8. I love your dress and boots with colored tights ....the cherry on top!

    Have you had a fresh strawberry juice martini...thats the best try it!

  9. Super cute dress. The style really suits you. I love your boots too. More time sleeping in will always win over elaborate hair & makeup!

  10. Love your pinny dress and your trusty Tesco boots! I'm the complete opposite to you and a complete dullard when it comes to clothes as I practically live in my jeans. xx

  11. I love the dress! I want to be more bothered day to day. At the moment I am a student writing dissertation at home, so it just seems so easy to wear jogging bottoms or leggings most days...

  12. this dress is so awesome... love the plaid.


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