Friday, 24 February 2012

Kitschen Goodness & Today's Outfit

You may recall I mentioned a few posts ago that my kitchen was in the process of being beautified.  Well, I thought I'd share the finished results here on my little blog.

When Mr N and I first moved in to our humble little abode nearly 5 years ago the kitchen was one of the main selling points used by the estate agents. The previous owner had not long had it fitted with very popular fake beech effect cupboards, with fake granite effect shiny work surfaces, beigey coloured lino complete with stainless steel appliances.  To top it all off, it was painted a kind of light to mid yellow.  Suffice to say it was HORRID!  Everything I hated and didn't want.  I'm sure it would have appealed to many a young couple buying their first home, it was functional, modern, and neutral (read: bland), but I just wanted something with personality. 

Unfortunately it was a brand new kitchen and there were more pressing jobs that needed to be done to the rest of the house so it took a back seat for 5 long years. 

I'm so pleased with how it turned out.  Even more so with how little it cost us.  The fake beech was painted over with plenty of undercoat and Ronseal cupboard paint in fresh blue and the horrid water stained lino made way for some Alice in Wonderland black and white tiles.  Add a couple of floating shelves from Ikea and we were good to go!


Unfortunately we couldn't replace the work surfaces this time around due to them not being a standard depth and therefore super expensive to have specially cut.   Fortunately they don't look quite as bad in the new set up.  I'll have to live with them and with the stainless steel oven and light fittings for a while longer.

I'll just have to add more kitsch

I'm still not sure where I'm going with the shelf arrangement.  It may take me a few tries before I'm completely happy with it.

I was surprised at how 1950's the end result was.  It wasn't really a conscious thing but I'm pleased with it nonetheless.  I embrace the vintage of most eras, but when it comes to interiors, the 1950's through to 1970's usually wins out.

I probably should have picked a pretty polka dot rockabilly number to pose in for my first kitchen outfit shots in keeping with the theme of the background but, well, I didn't.

I'm all about keeping it real :)

Top: Next
Skirt: vintage, charity shop
Witchy boots: Asos via Ebay

Wow, that was a rather photo heavy post wasn't it.  Hope you enjoyed your little peek inside my home.  I just love nosing around people's houses, one of my favourite type of posts to read!

Nearly the weekend - yay!

Lucy x

PS.  I'm up to 15 followers, I'm so chuffed! Welcome everybody xx


  1. your fashion ideas are great!

  2. Wow I am so jelous !!!! I would love to have a kitchen like that.


    1. I love looking at peoples houses too! I love your revamped kitchen, we are currently ripping out our kitchen at the mo, so it is good motivation for me to this! x

  3. My dream kitchen! My parents were going to have the chessboard lino but they chickened out. Grr.

  4. Your kitchen is amazing, I love it so much - you should be very proud as your hard work as paid off!

  5. Your kitchen is fabulous, full of colour and cool vintage trinkets, I love it!!! That skirt and witchy boot combo is gorgeous adn is your hair brighter than usual? x

  6. what a lovely kitchen and your outfit is even better!
    love the boots!

  7. Your kitchen is beautiful! Totally up my street :o) Scarlett x

  8. Lots of kitsch in that kitchen! I think it's fab.

  9. I'm so in love with your kitchen right now, it's not even funny! My hubs and I just bought our first home and though we have a nice, new's still very neutral...which is not my cup of tea at all. I love all the special little touches you've added with the dinnerware and bowls and such. Of course the floor and cabinets look utterly amazing! You look quite gorgeous too:) xx Marisa

  10. We have those hideous fake beech cupboards too. If we planned to stay in this house I think I'd be taking inspiration from what you've done, but since we aren't I'll let it go... maybe in the next house.

  11. Hi, i just realised you have become a follower of my blog thanks for stopping by. Im loving your kitchen welcome to the 50's ;-)) You sound like a lady after my own heart 50's 60's 70's i love it and The far away tree to one of my all time childhood favourite books and im just reading it again so it was funny when i saw what your blog was called. You have some gorgeou 60's and 70's kitchen ware its great to collect. Please come over again and leave a comment be good to see you. Take care, dee x

  12. I LOVE your kitschen! Thanks for finding me and following - I love new friends. Sarah xxx

  13. Your kitchen looks fantastic - love the colour of the cupboards - great choice.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  14. your kitchen looks amazing! cant wait to get on the property ladder so I can do my own thing to it.Really makes me resent my shiny white modern sleek kitchen (damn you landlord for having no style)! Although I do keep filling it with more vintage,retro quirky pieces x

  15. Oooh I love your revamped kitchen Lucy. And your blog. You've got a new follower btw x

  16. Hi Lucy, (I'm a Lucie too btw!), love your kitchen with its red accents. I'd love a close look at your vintage kitchenware (I'm nosey like that!). xx

  17. helllo! Oh i love your kichen! the shelves look fantastic! I love the title of your blog as they were one of my fav books as a child :) I'm following you back but it always comes up as my other blog account for some reason.....!


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