Monday, 20 February 2012

Miss Shyboots

Many thank yous to the lovely Miss Simmonds who has nominated me for my very first blog award.

I am supposed to post 7 random things about myself.  For some reason I have found this task inexplicably difficult.  I find it difficult talking about myself at the best of times.  I started blogging purely as an outlet for me in my spare time.  To use as an online journal/scrapbook I suppose.  I never properly considered the prospect that other people would ever be interested in my life or what I had to say.  I'm still just figuring it all out I suppose.  To those people who have clicked 'follow' I am truly grateful and glad to have you!

Anyways, here we go:-

1.  I have never had my ears pierced.

2.  I spent my entire childhood fixated with finding other lands and would dream about Silky the pixie coming to take me on adventures at the top of the Faraway Tree.  There were also many failed attempts at finding Narnia at the back of my mum and dad's wardrobe.  I still find it hard to live in the real world and have a love/hate relationship with routine

3.  There exist somewhere several photographs of me jumping onstage and doing an impromptu dance with Dave Vanian of The Damned whist wearing sparkly tights and a Wonder Woman t-shirt

4.  I found out about 5 years ago that my blood group was B-.  I have since adopted this as my outlook on life!


5.  My favourite city in the world is Berlin.  When visiting the history and the haunted sense of place are still very much in evidence, and yet the people and the atmosphere are warm, friendly and so addictive.  I would happily spend the rest of my days there.

6. When I was 17 I had the biggest crush on this man


Obviously I was ribbed mercilessly but my response would always be the same

"Only talent interests a woman of taste."
(From Amadeus)  

And really, how can anyone watch the clip below and not fall head over heels with the sheer comedy and linguistic genius on display?!

Long live Stephen Fry!

7.  I speak fluent Klingon.

OK that last one isn't true.  I started to run out of ideas towards the end!

At this point I am supposed to pass the award along to 15 newly discovered blogs.  I've cheated a little and picked a handful of newly discovered (by me) blogs and some longer established personal favourites.

Hope you don't mind ladies. 
I hope everyone's enjoying their week so far

Lucy x


  1. I don't know my blood type - this makes me feel quite sad for some reason! That t-shirt is funny though.

  2. Oh this is a toughy, Lucy. But I'll try and come up with something tomorrow. Okay? THANK YOU for thinking of me AND for discovering my blog.

    I've been a bit busier than usual that's why I haven't been as busy a blogger as I normally am. Not to worry. I'm still around. :)

    1. Yvette - no problem. whenever you have time :)

  3. I wish I knew my blood type! I like your take on yours!

    It's so great to get to know you better! More to come!

    Emma x

  4. Thank you so much! Love reading your blog and am chuffed with this!
    I've just been trying to put my own post on this together and it is SO HARD to think of random things about yourself!


  5. Thank you!! I'm so flattered by your nominee! I'll soon post my awards!


  6. Yay! thanks for the tag and for revealing more about yourself.
    I'd love to see that picture with you and Dave Vanian. My blog pal, Sarah Misfit, is also in love with Stephen Fry, so you're not alone 9and it beats Helga's penchant for James May!).
    I'm a B Positive, maybe that explains my annoyingly cheerful demeanour! xxx
    PS You're right about The Charlatans.

  7. Hello! Please forgive me for not replying to this for so long! I am very pleased and touched that you thought of my blog for the award, and I have FINALLY blogged my response!
    Much gratitude from Bette xx


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