Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Best Laid Plans...

Like a lot of people I know of, I have been bravely battling this dreaded winter lurgee for the past couple of weeks.   Today was my first day out of my sick bed and into the real world.  Admittedly it was because I had to go to the doctors, but, nevertheless, I was determined to make an effort, get well wrapped up, slap on some make up, and make the most of being outdoors.  One tends to get a little sick of seeing one's pasty, heavy eyed, pyjama wearing reflection staring back at one!

I was hoping to use the opportunity to capture my first outfit post but due to exceptionally poor light and having no photographer at my disposal this plan did not come together.

Instead I will share today's charity shop buys.  I braved the sleet and ignored my ice numbed ears to do a thorough sweep of the local charity outlets.  I must say I was glad I made the effort.

Clockwise from top:-

60's tea set - £1.99
Pair of retro orange vases - £8
Scarves - 99p each
Chintz for the bedroom wall - £2.00
Mini tea set - £2.99
Vintage tablecloth - £3.99

Hope to share some glorious outfits with you soon.  In the meantime, enjoy your weekends:)

Lucy x


  1. What great finds.I love the 60's tea set and the pictures they are lovely.I have just found your blog and i am glad i did. x

  2. What a bright and beautiful haul, well worth fighting the lurgy and braving the Arctic conditions.
    I would have snapped up those orange glass vases in a heartbeat. x

  3. You found those all today all in one shot?...I'm impressed! Those are definitely some treasures worth getting out of bed for:) Hope you feel much better darling...being sick in the winter is just not fun. That little tea set is absolutely swoon-worthy!

  4. good haul! I love those vases and the chintz, got to have some chintz


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