Thursday, 9 February 2012

My Smeg Retro Icon - Paula Yates

This is my entry for the Smeg Retro Icon competition running over at Vixen Vintage

I chose Paula because I always loved her sense of style and personality.   

My first memory of her was watching her interviewing various celebrities on a large bed as part of the The Big Breakfast usually adorned in some kind of dress made of astroturf decorated with plastic food!   She was very witty, flirty and eminently watchable.  

She also moved in some pretty cool circles

I always admired her unique sense of style, kind of punk does 1950’s.

She made quite an impression on my young mind and she is sadly missed

Lucy x


  1. Great choice. I adored Paula's column in the Record Mirror in that late 1970s and read it avidly.I can't believe it's been over 11 years since she died. x

  2. Hey huni, great entry, love the photos, don't forget to include the link for Smeg and good luck! xx!/fridge_freezers-1157/1-20/26-28/itemsperpagesize=60

  3. Vix - 11 years has flown hasn't it? I remember feeling really sad when I heard she'd died. I wish there were more female TV personalities like her around today. x

    Becky - thanks for pointing that out, I thought I had done but I'd linked to Solannah's site twice!:) x


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