Monday, 13 February 2012

I Feel Like I'm Missing Pieces of Sleep

For some reason I have been waking up at 2.30am on the dot every night (morning) for the last few nights.  Being sick and out of routine really does play havoc with your equilibrium.  Unfortunately it leaves you feeling sluggish and grumpy and not in the mood for thinking about what to wear the following day.


 However, after a somewhat tumultuous fortnight I was determined to get straight back into routine starting today.  With the prospect of work starting again tomorrow and a child free afternoon I planned to get up, get dressed all nice, get out and do some shopping, and get back and tidy the crap out of my house.  With a lot less gusto than I'd originally planned I just about managed (some of) this and got my first (exceedingly amateur) outfit pics.


Sans outerwear

Jumper detail.  Not just a gratuitous rack shot!

Hardy footwear

Please forgive my cackhanded attempts at semi-anonymity and my childlike experimentation with Picnik!

Peacoat & brogues : Next
Scarf & skirt : Charity Shop
Bag & jumper : Red Herring
Tights : Sainsburys
Party ready red glitter nails : good old Barry M

I'll leave you with a song by a band that, whilst never one of my favourites, were certainly prominent on the musical landscape while I was growing up

Lucy x


  1. ooh love that jumper. Your shots are fine, mine are always dodgy, I balance the camera in precarious places.

  2. Gorgeous jumper and fabulous red hair! I hate it when you get into that weird habit of waking up at the same ungodly hour every morning, hope you get back to normal soon. x
    PS Manics rule

  3. Hi! I'm glad to meet mom bloggers! Very great taste!
    I love your Paula Yates post and seems that we have similar passions, I love Nick Cave and 'Return to Oz'!


  4. I love the jumper, and the colour of your hair is gorgeous!


  5. nominated you for a blog award thingy... look on my blog x


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