Tuesday, 8 April 2014

It felt good to be out of the rain

Hello there

Here I am in my back yard amongst the straggly (okay, dead) plants

It's the school holidays and my Little Miss has gone to Shropshire for a couple of days to visit her auntie and uncle.  Today, I was determined to actually get out of my pyjamas and out of the house, so the Mister and I took Master L out for breakfast. 

Cardi - Asos sale
Skirt & necklace - Dotty P's sale
Tights - fancy dress shop
Shoes - Ebay
Brooch - charity shop

About a month ago, just before the birth of my lil guy, I was sent the very bag I am sporting to review by a lady named Jocelyn at Sammydress

I call it my 'horse with no name' bag

On browsing the site I was struck by how many cheap pretty dresses and shoes I would be able to buy if I was a size 8 and had size 4 feet.  Unfortunately my post baby size 16-18 curves and size 7's are a stretch too far but if you are lucky enough to be all petite and doll-like then it might be worth checking out.  I love the bag apart from the fact that the shoulder strap broke the first time I used it, doh!

So how is everyone?

My Little guy is 4 weeks old this week and I could write a whole post on how amazing he is but you know that's not my style, right?!  Me and the Mister are in the 'not quite adjusted to the sleep  depravation' phase.  Your body does strange things during this phase, like shivers uncontrollably even in a centrally heated room.  I know there is a general assumption emanating from certain elements of the media that would have you believe that pregnancy, childbirth and life bringing up young children is a beautiful picturesque roller coaster ride to be celebrated and enjoyed like the healthy breakfast of granola and organic yoghurt, which is consumed each morning as part of a healthy, balanced breast feeding diet, which in turn miraculously makes your mummy tummy disappear and your figure snap back into shape.  Bah!  You know what, it is wonderful, but it is also horrendously emotionally and physically exhausting.  For my part, I am just taking each day as it comes.  Mainly surviving on quick chocolate hits and full sugar coke to keep me going.

Just keeping it real

Having Netflix also helps with the crazy hours


  1. I love the fact you're so honest about parenthood!!! You look fabulous Lucy, I wouldn't know,you were sleep-deprived but take care of yourself and try and get some nutrients when you can x

  2. Lucy, you look wonderful! How you manage to do that on so little sleep, I don't know, but you really look well. Green suits you.
    Yep, those early days are tough, aren't they? Sure, we love the little buggers but they take their toll. I'm all for keeping it real!
    The bag is cute, but if I bought a new bag and the strap broke immediately, I would be less than impressed.
    Give little L a snuggle from me. I can't remember the last time I held a tiny baby, I think I've forgotten the drill! xxx

  3. You look lovely Lucy! I like how honest you are about parenthood and I hope you manage to get a bit more sleep soon x

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  5. You look gorgeous....I'm in love with that cardigan. And that bag is so cute. I was asked to review something from that site too, but I was worried it wasn't legit. Now I'm wishing I had after seeing the shoes! Xx

  6. Pretty lady! I can't believe you just had a baby! I think you look hot MAMA! I am one of those girls with no kids who used to think being a Mom was all sunshine and rainbows, I know better now and have a lot of respect for the Moms I know. It's a hard ass job and I bet you rock at it!
    The bag is cute but I bet it's cheap made in China crap. China you can keep that crap I'll only buy you second hand:)

  7. First of all, congrats on the new babyyyyy :D So glad you both are ok! Second, you just had your baby and your body is to die for. Great shape! Wonderful outfit and i love the brooch so very much.

  8. Congratulations. Netflix is a very good thing after the birth of a baby. We only had the video store, where I sent my husband to rent "anything you want" after three weeks of round the clock feedings with a baby suffering colic from hell. I looked up at the screen after a minute or two, only to realise I was watching Eraserhead. We *ahem* laugh about it now.

    You will sleep again, I promise it is the truth. I don't know about all the perfect images of parenthood-I was too busy cleaning up puke to notice, but you sure do seem to have it together (better than I did by FAR). Congratulations again.

  9. you soooooooooo don't look like you just had a baby. where is your bump????? 15 weeks later I still look post baby.........you look fab x x x x x

  10. I just found your Blog and can't wait to read through your archives! Congratulations on your baby, and oh my, you look fabulous!

  11. I had to re-check the date on this post coz I immediately thought "Wha'? Hang on, where's the tum? Wha'?" Well my dear, you HAVE snapped back, goodness gracious you look amazing in your beautiful green cardi with all of your utterly stunning jewellery and new bag! It's good to hear that you have some wonderful family in the background to entertain your wee girl while you adjust (do we really adjust?). It's wonderful to see you here Lucy, so happy to hear you're keeping it honest and real :) Hugs, xoxoxoxoxoxo

  12. I'm so happy to have found your lovely blog! I'm now following it too! You look AMAZING! Congratulations with your little baby! Hugs Debbie


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