Saturday, 8 June 2013

A Medieval Tale

Warning *lots o pics*

Nearby where we stayed in France was the beautiful medieval town of Sarlat which was so special I thought it deserved a post all of it's very own

Firstly, here is me wearing my new vintage yellow cotton dress for the first time.  A snip from Etsy.  And no, I'm not up the duff, just trying to hide a massive ice cream stain!

It was full of nooks and crannies, alleyways, courtyards and open staircases, just ripe for exploring

This would have been the town's water supply in medieval times.  The statue of Mary would have been considered to be the town's guardian

 I loved this doorway

We stopped for cocktails and selfies

I got plenty of use out of my novelty Primark sunnies

It's never long before my attention turns to rummaging for treasures, especially when in a new location.  Unfortunately, pickings were pretty thin.

Apart from the souvenir shops, the other local businesses consisted of wine and foie gras specialists, mini art exhibitions and artisan sellers

There were lots of model witches, goblins and faeries

I thought there might have been a bit of vintage on show in this shop, but alas it was another gallery.  It took some steel to resist running off with that yellow enamel coffee pot

This shop sold lots of very pretty vintage lace

Luckily the atmosphere of the place (and the available ice cream flavours) meant I could happily divert my mind away from hunting for treasures 

The cathedral was amazing

This building is called 'Lanterne des Morts', lantern of the dead, and overlooked the cemetery from a hill

Finally, we stopped for drinks and ice cream at Jimmy's, a retro 50's diner

The staff there were young and cool and were playing the Sex Pistols really loudly which provided a welcome antidote to the other outlets who seemed to cater specifically for pretentious American and British tourists

A great way to round off the day


PS.  Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post; firstly about my dress - more on that to come.  Also on the gite, which I would gladly recommend if anyone is interested in a trip to those parts.  Feel free to mail me for details :)


  1. What a fantastic town, you're so lucky to be able to visit! It looks like a fairy tale town or the set of Romeo and Juliet. The diner looks fantastic. Love that you're hiding a ice cream stain - a girl after my own heart. The Lantern of The Dead is particularly creepy! I wouldn't've been able to resist all that lovely lace! You look rather delish too! xxx

  2. OMG,I am LOOOOOVING Sarlat!! It;s a stunning town, just the very sort of thing I want so badly to visit France for! And it's just a hop, skip and a jump for you!
    Gorgeous new frock, perfect for the sunshine. I constantly have stains on my frocks, I just practice ignoring the damned things! You are looking beautiful and well rested, clearly an agreeable time is being had!

  3. Next stop, Sarlat ... I really must make tracks for that glorious, ancient town pronto!! Dammit for no second-hand pickings but the town makes up for it with the glorious treasures to snap, the atmosphere to breathe in and ICE CREAM!!!! I adore your yellow frock to bits and I'm so happy your wee family is having a wonderful time in France - what an adventure!!! xoxoxoxoxxo

  4. I love the tables and chairs in the 50s diner. Your dress is very pretty. I can see why you wanted to steal the coffee pot. It's fabulous.

  5. Sarlat did indeed deserve a post of its own Lucy, I would have loved wandering round there eating delicious ice cream and wearing a pretty yellow dress, you look very relaxed and happy in these pics. I love that 50's diner too, just noticed you reflected in its mirror in that last shot. And your hair isn't black anymore, didn't you like it? I've been away from Blogger for a while so I've probably missed lots of developments in everyone's lives. xx

  6. Oh it all looks so pretty! I've got major wanderlust at the moment and seeing these beautiful pictures has made me want to pack a bag and get on a plane right away! x

  7. I'm loving Sarlat, it looks like how I imagine the town Kate Mosse's "Labyrinth" was set in. Love all the art galleries and weird fairies.
    That dress is gorgeous, you look so pretty in yellow! xxxx

  8. Absolutely love those old buildings - so atmospheric!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Wow, what a superb place!!! I'd love to visit there! (Also admiring that Sailor collar!!!). You look like you had a lovely time and that dress (and bag!) is soooo cute!x

  10. Great photos!!!The places were all so beautiful that I wouldn't have minded to see even more!The 'Lanterne des Morts'is wonderful and so all the street views and the antique buildings! The vintage lace shop seems to be out of a dream, I wonder if it was expensive, everything looks really precious! The yellow dress is fabulous and I love it with the sunglasses and the adorable shoes!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Love xxxxxx

  11. Beautiful photos! I am so jealous, I bet it was amazing.
    lovely blog<3


  12. Ooh, we've both got yellow frocks!
    What a beautiful town, I would love a wander round there, so much to gawp and gaze at. Lovely photos, Lucy.
    And I would have been tempted by that coffee pot too! A diner playing the Sex Pistols sounds fab! xxxx

  13. Great pics, what an amazing time you had!

  14. These are some really great pictures, what fun that little city looks like. I have this idea about fabulous vintage shopping in Paris. I really enjoyed your Disney shots too. I tend to take that place for granted because we went a lot as a child. It is the happiest place on earth!!!!


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