Wednesday, 5 June 2013

I shall say zis only once

Hi there.  How is everyone?

I'm back from a glorious 10 days in the South of France, hoh he hoh he hoh!

It was beautiful and lush and scenic and rustic and true to all of the cliches.  We only got home last night and my mind is still a little scrambled so... where to start...

I suppose some pictures of me eating an ice cream on our first day is as good a place as any 

This very ice cream in fact

I ate rather a lot of ice cream

Beaucoup des glaces

In as many different flavours as I could manage 

Including, violette, kiwi, limencello, framboise et rose litchi, orange sanguine, creme brulee, pampelmousse, bonbatofs (tutti frutti), bubblegum and some weird blue one decorated with smurf sweets

We stayed in a converted farmhouse owned by a lovely British expat couple

They had really preserved the original charm but with added personality 

I fell in love with the wallpaper between the oak beams on the kitchen ceiling

The bedrooms were equally colourful 

Our bedroom even had a bidet, which made me giggle

There was even a barn full of retro games including table football, ping pong and old school pool

In the evenings we sat on the porch drinking wine and whisky, or in the living room watching Allo Allo


The dvd of which had been left in the gite by the owners, much to my sheer delight

I introduced Miss 6 to the joy that is Officer Crabtree

So much so that she bought a doll with her holiday money which now greats us 'good moaning' every day

I've taken so many photos and have lots more to share with you lucky devils.  

I'll be around to catch up with you all once I've worked my way through the mountain of washing and sorted through hundreds of photos

Bear with me mes amis



  1. looks like a fantastic holiday.i'm drooling over the ice cream

  2. The ice-cream! Lucy it looks like you had a wonderful and yummy holiday! And we even get some sunshine here too! I loved seeing the house you stayed in, the decor is so cute! Bidets always make me laugh too! :)

    Hope you and your family are well!

    Emma x

  3. Lovely! Great pictures of the rooms. You captured the personality.


  4. I am getting such holiday envy! I would love to mooch around the south of france. I adore the wallpaper in between the beams too, what a lovely touch.

  5. Wow that farmhouse looks so cosy and cute, may I ask the name of the town where you stayed? X

  6. What a beautiful place to stay. I'm green with envy. And rainbow coloured with ice cream envy. Ah, the post holiday washing mountain....not so jealous!

  7. There you are! I was thinking about you only yesterday :)
    The ice cream looks rather scrummy, I'd say I miss ice cream but the vegan one I like is so scrumptious I don't feel as though I'm missing out.
    I love how ethereal the farmhouse looks through those voile panels xxx

  8. Lovely blog you have here :) thank you so much for your comment on mine. I'm glad you liked my books, literature is such a passion! I love your sidebar...I see my idol, Stevie Nicks ;) hehe

    Holly xoxo

  9. Oh it sounds like you had a wonderful holiday, I love the South of France and have been meaning to go back there for a while now! x

  10. Wow what a gorgeous little get away you had! That place you stayed looks perfectly cosy and fun! Ice cream yeah I would eat all of those! Can't wait to see more!

  11. You have to giggle at bidets if you're British, it's the law

  12. Wow great journey!!! All those ice creams cones looks delicious and the photos are so pretty!!!I really like the bedroom and the kitchen I really can't wait to see more!!!
    Love xxxx

  13. I just love Allo Allo, how hilarious that you found it in your Gite Francais! Allo Allo was highly educational for me at a young age, it's how I learnt about gay people - no really! I'm extremely jealous of all your ice cream flavours - I would've picked as many psychedelic colours with you of course, the French and ice creams always make me think of this:
    The inside of the gite is gorgeous! I bet you wanted to move in. or steal the furnishings - I love that wallpaper too. Got any more photos? xxxxxx

  14. LOVED this post and it made me chuckle. You look lush, as ever, and glad you managed to eat as much icecream as moi.
    x x x x x x x

  15. Oh Allo Allo!!!!!! What a wonderful time........especially since there was ice-cream too!!!!!!
    The place you stayed looks like a dream....the fabric in the kitchen and on the ceiling.
    So looking forward to more pics from the beautiful south of france....... tee hee I just wanted to write "South of France" its so romantic.
    Yay sweet.....have a great weekend.
    love V

  16. What a gorgeous place you stayed at! I think I'd have refused to go home, the bathroom alone is stunning! You look so cute tucking into your ice cream! xxx

  17. Looks like you had a brilliant holiday in France, I love the pattern of your dress, adorable!

  18. What a delightful frock! And so many delicious ice creams, mmmmm....
    And you stayed in a rather delicious house too, it's beautiful.
    Hope you've scaled the washing mountain (always the worst part of coming home from your hols...) Xxxx

  19. Love your pink bag :) And the ice cream looks so yummy! x

  20. Ha ha!!! I was totally in love with Officer Crabtree as a little girl- that moustache!!! (I was weird child!) The icecreams are epic!!! I had all that choice when I went to France and I still went for Mint choc chip!x


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