Saturday, 30 March 2013

Loot wine be mine and then let's stay out for the night

Happy bank holiday weekend

Here are some pics of what I wore to a wine tasting evening with some friends on Friday night

A spot o' green and pink

 Nothin special here.  I'm in such a clothes rut lately.

This skirt is my fallback for when I'm not feeling more imaginative 


Still, you can't whack a spot of hot pink and leopard to add a touch of class to any proceedings

Bit of an outtake this one, but shows up the emerald eyeshadow nicely

I'm a little peeved with how these photos turned out.  The light was starting to fall so all the pics were slightly overpowered by a fading golden glow and I think I overdid it a bit on the contrast :(

Top - H&M via charity shop
Skirt - Ebay
Cardi - M&S outlet
Tights & Shoes - Next sale
Fobwatch - Groupon
Brooch - Etsy


This was our contribution to the evening.  Just something off the rack you know!

Why yes, it is a 1994 Chateau Mouton Rothschild


Meant nothing to me either 

 But apparently it's a goodun, and it did taste rather nice

Among the oohing and aahing and talk of raspberries, plums and toffee bouquets, I probably muttered the odd inane comment like "mmm, peppery"

As usual I was more interested in the nibbles

Hope you all have a great weekend

PS.  UK dwellers don't forget to put your clocks forward!!  Public service! :)


  1. Nice pink tights! Go pink! Also, I love your watch necklace. I have been on the lookout for a cool pocket watch.

    I have yet to attend a wine tasting event. It sounds fun though!

  2. Oooooooooooh hot pink tights and leopard-print shooooooooooooooz - yes please!!!!!! And oh my the out-take is awesome - your emerald eye shadow is simply STUNNING on you - amazing!!!! I feel your pain with feeling in a style rut - it's that goddamn LONG winter you're experiencing. I mean really, this time last year I'll bet you weren't freezing your knickers off in the cold were you? The only reason I'd go to a wine tasting is to wolf down ALL the nibblies then sit under the table pissing myself at all the wanky observations which tend to get worse as the evening wears on;). big hugs xoxoxoxo

  3. I absolutely love this outfit. Happy Easter to you

    1. You look great, I love the pig tails and bright eyeshadow. This weather is really dragging out, no wonder you're feeling uninspired... Not that you ever look boring. I've got no idea about wine at all... Just what I saw on that episode of black books! Xx

  4. From the well known rothchilds family? who have more than half th e money of the world and still want more? your emerald eyeshadow is a stunner!adios

  5. Adore the pink tights and leopard print shoes-I want some !


  6. You always look fabulous, bright and colourful with that adorable cheeky smile. I love the pink tights and leopard shoes! This constant cold is enough to make the best of us feel uninspired and in a rut, thermal undies and wellies make even the most brilliant frock feel drab!
    I know nothing about wine, I'm ashamed to say, I just buy the cheapest! xxxx

  7. Raaaaaaaaaaaw, looking foxy! Love the eye shadow!X

  8. I love the pink tights and the leopard flats. If I feel like I'm in a clothes rut leopard print always makes me feel better. I know nothing about wine but it always makes me laugh when people say that it has a hint of raspberries or citrus or whatever. It just tastes like wine to me.

  9. Leopard flats! *jaw drops* I love them! Your hair looks so cute too!
    I'm the same with wine... "Ooh, 1994, must be good... hmm, tastes thick."

  10. I'm absolutely clueless about wine so you're not alone Lucy, all I know is that it gives me a worse hangover than any other drink does. I agree with Camelia Crinoline, it's like perfume I think, so many perfumes that are meant to be wonderful just smell strong and sickly to me.
    I think the heightened contrast is quite a nice effect on your photos, it does highlight your gorgeous eyeshadow really well, and your bright colours. You're looking very fetching even if you are feeling in a bit of a rut. I agree that this weather makes everyone feel a bit uninspired. I feel like it doesn't matter what I wear because it's always buried under a big coat, boots, scarf etc. xx

  11. Who gives a hoot about fancy wine really? I only buy what's on offer, such a classy bird I am!
    You look adorable - cheeky and sassy and pretty and delightful, however much in a rut you may feel. Love the pink tights with the leopard print shoes. And the eye shadow. Gorgeous! xxxx

  12. You look lovely! I'm sorry to hear you feel in a bit of a style rut. I blame the weather, it's getting everyone down.

    Sarah x

  13. I wish your night out was great as my weekend was!! I must admit that compared to your outfit that you define 'clothes routine' mine was a disaster!! I blame the weather and the fact that I'm not going out very often, so I always need to feel protected! You look great, the eye make up is flawless and I adore the leopard shoes with the colorful tights!!

  14. Sound like you had a great night you looked gorgeous anyway, hot pink and leopard skin looks lush :-) Just to say that after 6 years of writing my blog I had to delete it last night I just couldn't cope any longer with the abusive messages from my husbands Ex. But I will still be popping in to blogland and catching up with everyone. Thank you for all your support and previous comments on my blog. Take lots of care, dee xx

  15. A glass of wine would go down well right about now! Love the leopard print and pink tights! You're necklace is so pretty! Hope you enjoyed your wine Lucy ;)

    Emma x

  16. I could so drink a wine about now. Dear me.
    I love the tights/shoes combo. And that your eyeshadow matches your top =) you're a class act xx

  17. Amazing outfit! I love it:)

  18. I'm loving the bright pink with the leopard! FAB! And what a delish pattern on the top; I spy a lovely pendant. You look beautiful. :D XOXO

  19. Ooo, I love everything about this look. You look fantastic. :) I think the photos turned out great, but I know what you mean. I get frustrated at the lighting in my photos sometimes. The pigtails look awesome, btw. :)


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