Thursday, 21 March 2013

I'd work very hard but I'm lazy

This is the kind of dress that I will never get bored of wearing.  It's casual but pretty, it's sooo comfy but still on the right side of twirly, it doesn't require me to breathe in all day or to wear special underwear and it looks great with big clunky shoes.

Because although I'm partial to dressing up on the odd occasion, for the most part I just can't be bothered. 

I want to be comfortable and I don't want to have to make too much effort.  I don't want to have to spend more than 15 minutes doing my hair (including drying time)

But I still don't want to compromise my aesthetic, whatever that is, I'm still not sure

This is my new favourite dress.   It reminds me of the best bits of the 90's.  

It reminds me a little of this dress but at a much better length for me

I only have to put it on and I feel pretty (oh so pretty)

Hurrah for lazy glamour

Dress - Asos
Shoes - French Connection
Necklace - Zara Taylor (seen in more detail here)

When I was thinking about the theme of this post, I couldn't help but think of this band

And this girl

Oh Justine, when I was 14 I desperately wanted to be you.  So effortlessly, androgynously cool, not a scrap of makeup to be seen

You were part of the coolest love triangle in britpop, had a pin-up boyfriend in Damon Albarn, the pretty boy of his time, but you didn't shy away from telling the music press that you weren't a fan of his band's music (cos let's face it, post Parklife, it was pretty much pants)  You were well educated, sexy in that rich girl art school way, and had a kick ass band of your own.  

 The perfect combination of artist and muse

I will never forget watching your live set at Glastonbury on the TV and seeing your bra-less chest in motion as you jumped up and down between vocals.  And I will never forget seeing you perform this song on Top of the Pops and squeeing in knowing recognition when I saw Damon playing keyboards.  You were one of the first women to make me want to be in a band.

I still remember buying this single in the Virgin Megastores in Chester.  Making a beeline for the new releases in my green stripey tights, Dr Martens and a knee length tasselled skirt.  I really felt like I was part of something

Of course, the band kind of imploded and I soon moved on to female musicians with Baby Jane makeup, glitter and chipped nails. 

But it was good while it lasted!

And I still love this song!

Lucy x


  1. I love this dress, I wish I owned a dress that so perfectly fitted the 'comfy but extremely pretty' catagory!

  2. Lovely dress, lovely photos.
    Oh Elastica. What a band.

  3. The frock is lovely, you look beautiful allright. The first pic is just divoon! X

  4. You look gorgeous in that dress! I love dresses you can wear with clunky shoes too. :3

  5. I got so excited when I saw this post! I had this song in my head recently. I bought it when I was 13, probably wearing DM knock offs and a tasselled skirt, from Our Price. I really love this song! I knew you'd love it too. I love that dress - when I first saw it I thought of the other one we both have. The shape is really flattering, the DM shoes are awesome, more dresses with clunky shoes please. I love the pattern too. Did you like Inbetweener by Sleeper too? xxxx

  6. Wow beautiful, dress, hair color and those shoes. I have shoe envy again! Love Elastica, i read recently that during those britpop years Justine was addicted to heroin, which surprised me. I was obsessed with Pulp and jarvis Cocker in those years...

  7. Love this dress on you, and I think both lengths suit you perfectly, those shoes are amazing!

  8. That dress looks so lovely on you and I do love that song as well x

  9. ooooh you DO look fabulous!!!! And I had TOTALLY forgotten about Elastica! My favourite friend aged 14, Sarah ADORED her, she had her hair cut like her and had a Damon looking boyfriend! Happy memories!x

  10. I can so relate to lazy glamour why that's how I roll! This dress is super flattering on you and I can see why putting it makes you feel pretty- you are! Love how you describe this band I have never heard of- I'm old:)

  11. I LOVE this frock on look beautiful! It's such a flattering cut. So pretty. I can see why it's one of your faves! Yep it's relaxed glamour for me too. I can't be arsed spending too much time on my hair or makeup, & underwear is worn for comfort! Xx

  12. That dress is so pretty on you Lucy, you look dressed up to me. I love it when you find something that is easy to wear and makes you feel a bit special at the same time. Same as Lo, I was obsessed with Pulp in the Britpop era, plus being a new mum, and I always feel like a lot of music passed me by a bit, I really liked Suede especially but I didn't give them as much attention as I could have. Parklife brings back happy memories of a bunch of us driving about at night singing along to it on the radio. Justine always seemed a bit intimidating to me, one of those impossibly cool girls that I was never going to be like in a million years. I remember being quite fascinated by the whole love triangle thing, that just added to her coolness even more! xx

  13. I love your blog, it's always a great experience to read your posts.Sometimes I'm still so affected and haunted by my teenager years music and icons that I'm glad to find someone who share my same interests and to be more and more inspired by them.
    Justine and Elastica were great, sometimes I listen to their music and still like it, I love Brett Anderson too especially in his early Suede's period when he was androgynous and Bowie lookalike and I pratically consumed their first album 'Suede', even the cover with two girls or boys kissing was great for a little girl!
    The dress is perfectly framed in this 90's 'amarcord'(it was a Fellini's film and here in Italy we use this word to express a 'combination of nostalgic memories' it was the only way to express my feelings!)you look very, very pretty and is definitely one of those dresses that I'd love to wear!
    The OZ necklace is always perfect on everything!
    Love xxxxxxx

  14. I really like this dress Lucy, you look so pretty in it :)
    I wasn't a fan of Elastica, but there were a few bands fronted by women I did like then - Tiny Monroe, Gouge and The Showgirls to name three.

  15. You look so pretty in that dress, it works wonders with your curves.
    How funny, I've always dressed the complete opposite of Justine from Elastica and pissed off loads of groupies as I got to hang around with the cool boys despite not looking like an acceptably cool band girlfriend. xxx

  16. Oh Christ I NEEEEEED that dress. How can I find one now? Any ideas?
    You look LUSH in it!!!
    My hubby LOVES Justine and we once went to an Elastica gig and he SWEARS she was giving him the eye!!!
    You look truly beaut in this garb, loving it. x x x

  17. Love the dress, love the 90s nostalgia!
    Lazy glamour is the only kind I like =) x

  18. Just gone to look at the first pic again, ahhhh I shall obsess over this dress now, I just know it.
    x x

  19. You look absolutely fabulous in this dress Lucy, and you have styled it perfectly!

  20. I think this is a dress I've been staring at for ages debating whether or not to buy! It looks great on you! I think I really want it now too :)

  21. This dress is beautiful!! And you look effortlessly beautiful in it. :) Music makes me more nostalgic than anything. I can easily spend an hour watching old videos on YouTube. :/

  22. That dress is gorgeous. I love the print. Dresses which make you feel pretty but aren't too much effort to wear are the best.

  23. What a perfect dress!!!! The pattern is so pretty and you look gorgeous in it........Yay to it being comfortable too!!!
    Have a truly fabulous weekend.
    love v

  24. gorgeous pics, I love your style! Great blog, please keep it up I really can't wait to see more :) xxx

  25. ahh, all of the things i look for in a dress too! yours is lovely and it's a great length too. and it is always great to meet other nick cave fans! :)

    little henry lee

  26. I love your dress <3 would you like to follow each other?


  27. What a gorgeous dress, Lucy, lazy glamour is perfect! I love finding dresses that make me feel good every time I wear them, and that one is doing all sorts of fabulous things for your gorgeous figure!
    Never cared much for Elastica, I'm afraid. I think I was too old! Whatever happened to Justine? xxx

  28. Ya know Luce, that frock is a treasure - you look instantly flashed up and super glam! It's so simple, yet its the happy fabric and the fit that makes your gorgeous bod rock like nothing else!! Yep, that's what I call a go-to frock. It's going to look gorgeous on you any time, any day:) xoxox

  29. Great post love :)

    Please check out my blog and perhaps we could follow each other? Thanks :)

  30. I. Love. This. Dress. SO. Much. Man, you look hot! It's such a great piece; the pattern and texture are tops. I hear ya about wanting to be comfortable; oh so important. It's awesome when something is comfy AND esthetically pleasing. :)


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