Thursday, 29 November 2012

What's a girl to do?

Indeed, what is a girl to do on a bad bad hair and make up day?  You know when you just can't be bothered with your appearance for love nor money?

You sweep your greasy hair off your face, pull on your favourite boots and try to distract attention away from your pasty, make-up free face with jewellery and... hair.  It doesn't always work so well.  But it didn't matter.  These pics were taken after a fabulous morning spent with Mr N followed by a charity shop crawl and a lovely lunch

Dress - Two Squirrels Vintage
Boots & satchel - Ebay
Coat, cardi, tights & brooch - high street
Pendant - Groupon

I promised to show some of my Lake District charity shop finds and I'm nothing if not predictable reliable so here you go.  I've been meaning to do a thrifted finds post for ages now as I have found rather a lot of treasures recently, so I've incorporated all my recent finds into one rather epic post and here they are:-

I fell in love with this picture.  It reminded me of the illustrations in one of my favourite fairytale books when I was a kid


To be honest, this post has a been a work-in-progress for a couple of months now.  I have found so much stuff that by the time I've gotten around to photographing it, I've bought more.  Then I forget which stuff is new.  I have bought loads more since these pics were taken!

Which leads me to ponder the thorny issue of selling vintage.  Something I've been thinking about for a while now, as I've slowly but surely seen my collection growing around me and gradually taking over my house.  I've been selling stuff on Ebay for years but have never thought of it as a potential second income.

So, what do you reckon:-

Is it worth selling vintage, even for pocket money?

Online or at fairs?

Ebay or Etsy?

Pro's? Cons? Tips?

Any pearls of wisdom you lovely people could dispense in my direction would be much appreciated!

Have a great week



  1. Great outfit Lucy, loving that you're wearing those boots again - they're fab!!

    You find the best things in chazzas, and why not sell for a second income? I say go for it!


  2. That sundae looks delicious!

  3. You always look perfect and your outfit is stunning enough to distract us from makeupless photos, I'm sure that you look great and I'm sorry that I can't see your face!I like the pale blue of the matching dress and tights with the burgundy of your awesome boots!I love the coat and the brooch too!I suggest you to open a shop and I reccomend you Etsy, you can promote it on your blog with a badge, my etsy shop didn't work so well because is personal, but I'm sure that vintage items sell better especially if you study a good range of key words for the research, there are also a lot of us bloggers there and the support is always great!The only con is that you should work on it, meeting your potential buyer by adding favourites shops, items and creating circles, so it need daily application, but it's not so hard!
    Lots of Love xxxx

  4. I would probably sell online because you can reach a larger audience. The trifle sundae looks amazing and I don't even like trifle haha.

  5. Dunno about the selling Treacle, cos I am just too busy swooning!!! I have the Heidi Ladybird book, it's one of my faves. I like Clara and her blue blanket (or is it a nice blue dress....)
    Heidi looks so pretty.....
    LOVING all your buys my dear.
    I also dispute your claim that your hair is greasy. Compare it to mine and you shall look purely Timotei.
    Happy Thurs Night.
    Gem x x xx

  6. It's a funny old thing - we can feel subjectively that we are having an off day, bad hair, face not right, clothes not working, etc. and be absolutely convinced this is obvious for all the world to see... And yet NO ONE ELSE NOTICES! I find this very comforting. Bluff it out, Lucy, and no one will ever know!
    Anyway, I see no evidence of a bad day, you look as lovely as always, great frock and tights, and those boots would be my favourites too, if they were mine!
    You have been doing well at the chazzas, lots to admire, love all the books and those Meakin dishes are delightful.
    I sell vintage clothing on Ebay, small time, just a few bits, and it's OK, but unpredictable. I don't know anything about selling on Etsy. Fairs would be more fun, because you get to chat, but hard work, especially at weekends when you want to spend time with your family.
    Why not try a fair, if you think you have enough stock for a stall? If you bring a load of stuff home, you can go down the Ebay or Etsy route. Vix might be able to give you better advice, since she has done both. xxxx

  7. Oh my goodness I fell in love with all your new found treasures.......fabulous outfit by the way also!

  8. Bad hair day? If I attempted that style on a good day it'd look like Stevie Wonder had done it with a rake! You look fab and like Curtise says, bluff it out, no-one would ever know.
    You find such pretties and it is easy to get swamped with stuff you feel you ought to get just 'cos it's cheap. I'd go for the fair option, go to a couple first to get an idea of prices to charge. They're fun, you get to chat to like-minded people and feel happy knowing where your treasures are off to next. I sold a heap of vintage bric-a-brac on eBay last week and although the market's bigger that hassle of wrapping it all carefully was a bloody nightmare! x

  9. That's such a lovely frock....and I love it with the coat & those swoon-worthy boots. And I'm dying over that owl brooch. As for bad hair & no makeup, I wouldn't have noticed either! You do find such fabulous things....I love the old children's books, the sheets, & those Meakin dishes are gorgeous! I tend to sell on Ebay or on some local facebook groups. I haven't listed anything on Etsy yet, but I like the idea of asking the price I want. Fairs look like fun but a lot of work. I'm sure your goodies would sell like hot cakes, I know I would buy them! Xx

  10. Ahhh the clothes, ahhhh the books, ahhhh the playing cards!! You find such amazing things!

  11. What a great finds those Peter and Claire books i bet the pictures in those are adorable. Love that first picture its gorgeous. With regards to selling vintage so many people have jumped on the band wagon so to speak its very difficult to make any real money from selling it unless you live in an area where no one is doing it. I love doing the fairs because everyone is so lovely its become more of a social event rather than making any money from it. And its bloody hard work to, resourcing your stock finding something different from everyone else, planning your table and what it looks like, and then setting it up and standing around all day its excusting. But it is fun to. If you go into it with an open mind your be fine. Good luck, dee xx

  12. Love Peter and Clare because they look like my boyfriend and me! All those books are very sweet, I've never seen Little Hoo but it gives me a pang of nostalgia. Any books that involve animals and cottages were a winner as a child.
    You look lovely, the boots make me SO JEALOUS. All your finds are wonderful. The fairytale picture is so gorgeous, don't sell it! I keep finding all the wankers on ebay to sell to, so it's often a hassle, but you can make some great money out of it xxxx

  13. Ooooh! I know about your new charity-shopped picture! It's by Helen Bradley (, an artist from Oldham who began painting in her sixties, making illustrated books about her Edwardian childhood. She's the little girl in the picture, the ladies are her maiden aunts, and the lady in pink is their neighbour Miss Carter, who was walking out with the bank manager, the chap in the picture! (Oldham is my hometown, and my mum has all her books, plus a jigsaw ;op ) You should look out for copies of her books on your charity shop jaunts, they're very charming, although I don't know how easy they are to get hold of - my Ma sourced hers on ebay after coming across the jigsaw in a chazza shop and becoming rather intrigued by the lovely illustrations of our local 'hood.

  14. DUCK TALES! I had forgotten all about those books! Soooo goooooddd. Also I would be happy if I looked half as good as you on a bad hair/makeup day! You look great!


  15. I have nominated you for a blogger award! Well Done! Check out the rules HERE:

  16. Holy Heck!! I cannot believe all of your wonderful finds.
    The towels & sheets *eeep*
    I also love old hangers... I have troubles not buying them. (Especially lately)
    I suppose my subconscious is telling I will have a big walk in closet in my future. "Oh please be true"

  17. i do a bit of everything, i have an Etsy shop (which is fine when you work out the tips of getting sales) an ebay shop (which i use for some vintage and some vintage Style goodies) and i have done some fairs. I have a seperate bank account it all goes into and i treat it as 'fun money'. And its an exuse to buy more treasure!! :)

  18. I love your coat and the trifle sunday looks gorgeous!

  19. great photos :)

    would you like to follow each other?

  20. Cute post.

    Would you like to follow each other?

    Let us know on:

    Kiss, Selina & Olivia, The RedViolet

  21. Cute outfit! I always feel weird coming across books that were published during my childhood in vintage/antique shops. I'm not that old--my things shouldn't be vintage or antique!

    Selling vintage is a great way to make some extra money. I've had a couple of sellers not pay and a couple of sellers try to scheme the merchandise from me, but I always save e-mails and get delivery confirmation at the post office/UPS. I think it's worth it if you have the time and a bit of patience.


  22. Those are some lovely finds! Plus, that trifle sundae looks truly amazing. Great post, dear! xo

  23. Too bad we have not so many charity shops in Italy!


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