Sunday, 11 November 2012

For a fire will consume your hair... and your eyes will turn to glass

Do you agree that sometimes life is just too real?

Reality is both my best friend and worst enemy

Sometimes it's nice to escape to a place where the everyday is intensely beautiful

The Wordsworth family plot

We spent yesterday in Grasmere wandering lonely as clouds and spent some time telling Miss 5 all about it's most famous son.

It's kind of a family tradition

Pics are somewhat blurry due to incessant drizzle but not even that was enough to diminish my enjoyment of these surroundings

Of course, time spent wandering around graveyards is time well spent.  Everyone knows that.

I know there is a lot of Lake District love out there in blogland, and I don't have to tell anyone that's ever been there how beautiful it is, right?

A few weeks ago I was so desperate to get out of routine and see the autumn in all it's glory, before there was nothing left but bare branches.  So my man, practically perfect as he is (I said, practically!), booked for the 3 of us to spend the weekend in a little country house hotel in Kendal.

 This is me in the bar enjoying a malibu & pineapple with my extra chin.

Not the comfy chair!

The end of a charming day spent with my gorgeous family, chasing beauty and of course, scouring the charity shops.  I found some great stuff.

I'll show you soon

In the meantime, here is a cover version I like very much 

Enjoy your Sunday.

Go and give your loved ones a big kiss.  Go on, do it now!

Lucy xxx


  1. Time in graveyards, well spent, yes! Was recently in one myself, looking at the markers of ancestors. Love your photos here! And hooray for you for getting away!


  2. What a gorgeous graveyard! I love wandering around in those places, they're always so peaceful.

  3. such a beautiful one indeed!
    (it's nice to see your pretty eyes, it doesn't seem to happen to often :)

  4. Lovely! Definitely on my list of places to visit when I come over. And I agree with Louise - it's so lovely to see the twinkle in your eye! Sarah xxx

  5. You look lovely against all those autumn leaves, Lucy, and you are beautifully co-ordinated with the (Spanish Inquisition's) comfy chair!
    Just the one chin that I can see, and one gorgeous face and smile!
    I haven't been to the Lake District for many years, but I love it and have been to Grasmere. Despite the drizzle, I bet autumn is a beautiful time of year to visit. Trailing clouds of glory and all that...
    Looking forward to seeing what you found! xxx

  6. You always look beautiful lucy and how lovely to have a break and get away from it all for a few days. I agree with you about how beautiful the trees are looking at the moment nature has painted a stunning picture everywhere at the moment. Can't wait to see what you found. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, dee xx

  7. What a gorgeous place! I'd love to go and visit. I love a walk around a graveyard. You look lovely, I can't wait to see what you bought. Lucky you, I'm glad you were able to get away for a couple of days and free your soul. I hope you ate loads of comfort food, I'm imagining pie followed by gingerbread. Love the comfy chair pic! Your expression is hilarious!
    I love that song, it's so beautiful. You know I'm a folk fan anyway. Here's some more Pentangle that you might enjoy

  8. It doesn't seem like five minutes since I was there with Krista being pursued by a chirruping robin and posing on the bench in the drizzle. You've made me all nostalgic now! xxx

  9. I love the Lake District so much, and that graveyard looks like a lovely place to visit, I know it's a graveyard and that's an odd thing to say about a graveyard, but hey, there you go.

  10. Beautiful photos and lovely journey!It seems like a warm day despite the rain, your clothes are light and spring-like and you look amazing in both your outfits, I'm a little against skirts when it's raining, but they look so good with the wellies!
    I love the title quote, I should looking for the source!That place is definitely peaceful and stunning, I'd love to take a walk there!

  11. The quote was from the song!Thank you for sharing!!

  12. Sometimes you just need a break don't you? I'm glad you got to spend some quality time with your family Lucy. What is it about graveyards? I'm fascinated by them despite the fact that I don't want to ever be buried. I love exploring them and thinking about all of the lives of the people who are buried there!

    Hope you've had a good week!

    Emma x

  13. I agree, life is much too real sometimes. But these photos are beautiful =) xx

  14. Hmm, but who is to say just what IS reality?! Or sanity, for that matter!
    But I know what you're saying....the reality of my working life intrudes on my idealistic life,for a starter! Ugh,routine bores me to tears!
    Lovely, lovely setting here,and how special that Wordsworth loved it there!

  15. Love the navy and polka dot umbrella. *ohhh* and those wellies.
    Lovely pictures old grave stones have so much character.

  16. A wander around a graveyard is definitely time well spent! Can't wait to see what you found in the charity shops. x

  17. Yes I very much agree that life is often too real and feel a great need to escape but often it's just not possible at that moment so I'm glad to see you got away for a little break from it all to such a beautiful place, then shared it with us. Only trouble is you've made me want to escape to somewhere like that right now! Ah well. xx

  18. I miss having a cemetery to wander around, there are only churchyards here with barely any stones left as they have been propped up by the church instead.

  19. I'm with Vix now I'm getting all sad and missing our time spent in The Lake District! Your photos are lovely and it's always good to get away from it all!


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