Sunday, 4 November 2012

A smile from a veil

So Mr N's little bro got married on Saturday.  A November wedding without a hint of November Rain!

The venue itself was charming and bedecked with vintage chintz and tealights in birdcages

With a much remarked upon soundtrack of Nat King Cole, The Inkspots, Billie Holiday & Cole Porter, (mostly created from my own collection, although I'm not one for credit hogging!) I must admit I was utterly swooning over the ladylike refinement of it all

Unfortunately the combination of an early start, long day and a tired and emotional little bridesmaid, meant I was back at home by 8.30

These pics were taken before I crashed for the night.  I wanted to make sure my outfit was fully documented!

The hay fever was kicking in at this point - attractive! Unfortunately, I'm a year round sufferer :(

I wore:-

Vintage lavender lace dress -
Plum velvet jacket - Ebay
Victorian boots - ASOS via Ebay
Choker - Claire's 
Bag - Primark

So many pretty photos I'd love to share but can't seeing as no one knows about my blog and I'd have to tell them about it in order to get their permission!

Hope you all had a great weekend 

Lucy x

PS.  Thank you for the lovely comments on the pictures in my last post.  Whilst I would love to take credit for being a top notch photographer and creating all those bokeh effects myself, I feel I should point out that as with most things, I cheated!  I got an app for that! ;)


  1. argh!! I don't know where to start! I'm obsessed with lavender lace, you look so stunning in it. Especially with that jacket and those boots! What a lovely wedding, I'm not a fan of weddings but that looks so grown up and pleasant, especially as you chose such a good soundtrack - the only thing I'd be a total bridezilla about - no cheesy classics for me and if I heard Angels I'd throw the cake at the assembled party.
    Enough about me, back to you, the way all the colours compliment each other is so fantastic, all those purples and red. Delicious - ad good old Claire's for producing some great stuff now and then cos your chocker is ace! xxxxxxxxx

  2. ps: did anyone go out and play a bitchin' guitar solo on a cliff edge?

  3. You look so pretty, I adore your dress.

  4. Well thank YOU for fully documenting that incredibly STUNNING lace frock and velvet jacket even though you were tired after a long day:). You looked utterly beautiful!!!!! You love the Ink Spots too? I play them and Woody Guthrie while I'm sewing or kicking back - so relaxing and the lyrics are always hilarious ("your feets too big"). Wee one was bridesmaid? Dear of her:)). Beautiful post darlink! xoxo

  5. O,love LOVE that sexacious frock!! You look DIVOON,darl!!! And the jacket really floats my boat!Perfect wedding,or any occasion,attire! It IS all lovely and ladylike!Pretty!
    Ha,November Rain is the worst/best song!!!
    I'm a year round sufferer too,ebing allergic to almost everything!! (well, feels like it!) I'm worst with damp weather,it's the mould spores or something.Ugh.I'm on drugs continually or I can't sleep for having to sit up and drain my nose.

  6. Oh you look so pretty....that is such a gorgeous frock, I love it with the Edwardian boots & vintage accessories. The tea party looks divine too. Xx

  7. Love the vintage theme for the wedding - perfect!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. What a beautiful dress, the lavender lace is so delicate and pretty and perfect with your gorgeous red locks. I used to have that Claire's choker, too. I stupidly got rid of it a while back and am wondering why now.
    The End Of The Road festival hosts "Breakfast with The Inkspots" every year, you can take your breakfast into one of the entertainment tents and chill out on beanbags. xxx

  9. That dress, those boots and that gorgeous jacket! I am truly in love with your outfit! Love it I have wanted some victorian lace up boots forever but having chunky legs makes it harder to find a perfect pair! *Sigh*.

    Sounds like a wonderful celebration and the music sounds really devine. I always think of christmas though when listening to Nat King Cole! such a pretty post.

    P x

  10. gorgeous outfit fhun. I love the vintage look and you work it really well :)

  11. You dress is superb, pefect for a November wedding and the lavender lace brings out the colour in your beautifully. Im glad the day was blessed with a lack or rain and the setting looks true vintage and I love the 'inkspot'.

    I got married in November and were blessed with a cold but sunny day, there is something magical about getting married when its cold outside and everyone has that air of snuggliness and huddling together, for me it adds an air of romance xx

  12. You look amazing!!!The lavender lace dress is beyond beauty and the victorian boots ,the velvet jacket and the chocker are just perfect with it!! The wedding party sounds great and the photos are wonderful, it looks like an elegant version of the Mad hatter's tea party and I'm sure that the food was delicious!
    Have a great week!
    Love xxxx

  13. Ahh Lucy you look gorgeous you hair looks so pretty and next to that velvet jacket stunning. Im a huge lover of vintage velvet jackets and live in them. Your dress is so pretty you look beautiful. The wedding photo's of the table looks really pretty to. dee xx

  14. Lucy, you look stunning!! I love the entire outfit, and love your hair!! xoxo Lynn

  15. You look so lovely and I'm in love with your boots! I've always loved lace up boots like this and they look great on you.

  16. Aw you look beautiful! And I love the vintage tea sets, gorgeous wedding idea!
    I have the same problem with photos - I still haven't told anyone about my blog =/ xx

  17. What a gorgeous dress, Lucy, perfect for a wedding, and with the velvet jacket and boots to give it an autumnal feel, you look fabulous!
    Love all the pretty vintage china, and the soundtrack is wonderful. Ahhhh, almost makes me feel romantic... But not quite! xxx

  18. You looks so pretty Lucy, the jacket is just gorgeous and the dress. Wow, the wedding table is lovely, I'd love to go to a wedding like that. The little pastry's and pots of jam is a nice touch. Wishes to the married couple. Tam x

  19. what a darling dress and wow your hair is so bright and shining, i would never have thought red hair goes well with burgundy velvet but you proof that of course it does. also adore your boots, those boots are made for walking... and the china is outstanding beautiful!
    love and kiss,mary

  20. I love your ensemble, now thats a bridesmaid dress......and what a lovely table setting!

  21. Ugh, hay fever. I sympathise. I'm just starting to get my usual spring/summer hay fever. On the bright side, you look fabulous. That lace dress is gorgeous.

  22. So cute! Amazing velvet blazer!

  23. You look flipping lovely Lucy!!!
    Poor you re hayfever, that sounds BAD!
    x x x

  24. That look just absolutely lovely, as do you!!!

  25. You look absolutely lovely, just right for the wedding theme. Love your outfit and your bag. And mmm, scones....

  26. Love the title of this blog Lucy, lots of memories attached to that song. If you're jealous of my green dress I am equally jealous of that blazer, a burgundy velvet blazer has been my holy grail for so long and I can never find 'the one'. I think Helga has one too that makes me jealous. Your whole outfit is lovely, you put colours together so well and your beautiful outfit does justice to the beautiful wedding settings. It's a pain when people don't know about your blog isn't it, hardly anyone knows about mine and I'm very vague about it even with anyone who does know, but it does mean you have to edit yourself a lot because they have a right to know if they're featuring in it! xx

  27. Aw, hooray for November weddings! It's sounds like quite the perfect & magical day. Of course, I am head over heels for your vintage lace dress. You look flawless from head to toe Lucy! xo Marisa

  28. Hi,
    I love your blog. I love your hair. Your frock is gorgeous. Am gushing, ahem.
    Your velvet jacket reminds me of some I had in my younger years. I wish I still had them. I used to go to a nightclub called Tumbler¨s where all the indie kids would congregate and I would wear my docs and frocks.
    Oh and the little bag...
    I will be visitng again soon,

  29. Just added you, love the username (as a kid i was a massive fan of those books!) and your blog looks like a lot of fun :) x

  30. I am your newest follower and was hoping that you'd hop on by my blog and follow me back!


  31. You looked beautiful Lucy, I adore your dress, the colour the cut, the fabric! It was perfect on you! The wedding looked amazing, I love the teacups and the soundtrack. So classy! I hope you all had a wonderful day!

    Emma x


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