Tuesday, 2 October 2012


This is what I wore for work yesterday.

I'm not sure how I feel about it

My main reason for making an effort and looking 'smart' was that I wanted to wear these shoes  which I recently bought in the New Look sale

I love pencil skirts, I like this shirt, I like the cardi and the spotty tights, but I just don't know if they work altogether.  I feel a little bit too... well... corporate.

In addition, I've become a Costa addict!  How hideously mundane.  But oh my, have you tried the orange and raspberry cooler?  It tastes like a whole packet of refreshers in slush form, amazing.  I also treated myself to a slice of lemon sponge cake after lunch.  Try it and thank me later!

Shirt - Dotty P's via Ebay
Skirt - George via charity shop
Cardigan - M&S outlet
Brooch - The lovely Squirrels
Tights - Tesco
Shoes - New Look

But I just don't fit the glamourous secretary stereotype. 


Maybe this one?


Hmmm, it's not really me.  Yes I have the ample bosoms, but I'm far too naturally dishevelled to bother setting my hair and walking around in heels for work.  And my nail varnish is always chipped.

What do you wear/wish you could wear for work?

Lucy x


  1. It's strange to see you in black as I always think of you as a colourful girl but you look lovely, that skirt fits you a treat adn your shoes are cute.
    I'd love to go to work in a bikini and roller skates. Power dressing, tailoring and blouse depress to hell out of me! xxxx

  2. I love you in a pencil skirt, I think you have such a gorgeous figure. I agree with Vix though, I'm not used to seeing you all in black. Maybe a red cardi would look nice? Ha, what do I know?! Love the shoes. I think you totally rock the sexy secretary look!
    I used to be quite smart at work, back in the day. Can't imagine having to look conventional/corporate these days, just as well I don't have to think about it! xxx

  3. Those shoes are ace!!

    And I love those coolers from Costa, they're delish.

    I mostly wear jeans to work as I work for a creative agency although I quite often like to mix things up and wear more 'off the wall' or chic outfits too. I know what you mean about not feeling 'polished' enough for the whole secretary look, that's me too!!!!

    L xx

  4. Im loving those shoes there gorgeous ;-) And i love you in the pencil skirt to maybe you could could jazz it up with a pussybow blouse in a brighter colour i think all black is to harsh you look gorgeous in colour ;-)) And with your funky hair colour to you could get away with anything. I don't work anymore but when i did it was always my vintage dresses im going through a faze of wearing bright coloured tights this season im taking a leaf out of Helga's book ;-)) Have fun, dee xx

  5. Cute outfit!
    I agree with Curtise on a red cardi. You are so bright and colorful and I think it would seem more YOU.

  6. Well I think you look mighty fine in that pencil skirt. Maybe something more colourful on top or a pair of coloured tights as Dee suggests. I'm lucky, I can wear whatever I like for work, and for me, that means jeans (cos I'm a very boring jeans person). I'm so glad I don't have to dress smartly for work. xx

  7. You're too much of an individual to be corporate Lucy! I think you've nailed the secretary with a twist look! Love the addition of the spotty tights, red heels and colourful corsage! Doesn't every office need a bit of colour! I'm a bit of a Costa fan too, much prefer it to Starbucks, there are only three in Dublin but I do like to go in every now and then!

    Emma x

  8. I have to agree, that although you do look very smart it just is not you at all. There is no colour or quirk to this outfit at all and its like your bright personallity has been drained from your wardrobe. Bring back the brightness that we all love you for xx

  9. I am a stay at home Mum so whatever I am wearing it usually has playdoh and chocolate stuck to it. I LOVE Joanie, if I worked in Sterling Cooper I would like to be Joan :)

  10. I just love how you put your own spin on this look though, especially with those shoes!

  11. You look a fox in the pencil skirt and red shoes! Yeah, maybe a bit more colour though would be more you. I would actually almost quite like an excuse to get dressed up for work, although most of the offices I've worked in were pretty casual. The best was when I worked for the PRS - you could wear whatever you wanted, there were a lot of interesting looks and that was just the guys!

  12. The outfit is gorgeous, but the shoes are to die for! I love this look for work =)

  13. I love the outfit but... What you could do to feel more Joan like is undo the shirt a bit and maybe wear a shorter cardi to show off your curves in a subtle way. I don't want to be bossy though! Wear a matching red cardi like Vix said, she's always right. I once did purposely badly in an interview where the role involved wearing a shirt and skirt in grey and blue, plus the work was shite.
    I believe you about the Costa drink, since we're both sweet addicts

  14. I thrift all my work clothes because I don't feel like I should spend money on clothes for work, is that weird? I work in a corporate environment so it's all boring clothes anyway. This has reminded me to watch Secretary again :)

  15. I like this new wave iconic photoshoot!!! A black and white outfit and a brick wall as location is perfection!I always had problems with what to wear at work, now I'm free because I work from home, but nobody was happy with my appearance back then (even during my jobs as a fashion stylist or costume designer it was a big deal) maybe because here everybody is more ordinary or elegance oriented (I'm the only one who goes shopping to the charity shop,I prefer to be creative and I want to save money too, but even if you are poor here, you have to wear fancy shoes, better with a clear logo written on) so my grunge or vintage love & attitude is never approved!
    You look amazing in pencil skirt and cardigan, I think it's a great compromise between being ourselves and what other people want.
    Love xxxx

  16. You suit the pencil skirt Lucy, and your red hair and shoes and little flower make sure you don't look corporate. I know what you mean about feeling too dishevelled for the glam secretary look, that's definitely me, even before I had kids! I'm a stay at home mum so I can wear what I like, I've never had a job where I had to look super smart and professional, luckily. I'm doing face painting at a kids disco event this weekend though and the brief is to look sort of like a children's entertainer which is worrying me quite a bit, the whole thing is making me feel nervous really!
    I don't often go in Costa, but when I do it's always for a latte or a hot chocolate, usually with chocolate cake. I need to be more adventurous and try some other flavours. xx

  17. I work from home home, so it is usually tumble fresh warm cosy flannel jammies, but only at the moment because the boiler is broken and we have no heating.And for Costa me and my daughter go for the coffee and walnut cake, i a latte her the mocha.

  18. I think you look amazing...not too corporate! Sophisticated and sexy! :)


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