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So I've been meaning to share some pics from our  trip to the Welsh valleys.  Not quite a month but what seems like a lifetime ago.  That was until I looked back and realised that I'd hardly taken any, apart from a few family snaps...

So here are some pictures of self proclaimed intellectual love god Andrew Eldritch instead


He has been in my life since I was 12 years old and still slumbers rent free in my head from time to time


Oh, I took some pictures of the ice creams I had, obviously.

Lemon crunch and bubblegum & rhubarb crumble and lemon crunch (with bubblegum sauce)

 The only other photos I took were of Lake Vyrnwy.  A place we've often visited but I never ever tire of.

Found here
Isn't it magnificent?   On the surface, a picture of natural beauty.  In fact, Lake Vyrnwy is a Victorian reservoir. 

The huge stone aqueduct was constructed between 1881 and 1888 at the behest of Liverpool Corporation for the purpose of supplying the rapidly expanding city of Liverpool with fresh water.

During those years the people of the nearby village of Llanwddyn went about their daily activities.


They were eventually rehoused in a new purpose built settlement lower down the valley.

By November 1889 the village of Llanwddyn, its two chapels, three inns, ten farmhouses, and thirty-seven houses were all lost forever under the water. 


This under water image is thought to be the remains of Llanwddyn

Apparently the remains of the dead were exhumed from the churchyard and re-interred in a new cemetery above water level

I'm told that several buildings of the old village are visible when the reservoir is low.   I have personally never seen this but Mr N has.  I hope to see the drowned village for myself one day.

I love the gothic style of the straining tower.   Worthy of many towered Camelot


It was a sunny day when we visited, which was nice and perfect for ice cream.  However, I always prefer Vyrnwy later in the year when it is overcast, there are fewer visitors and there is a mist on the water.  There is something about being in the vicinity of a drowned community that is endlessly fascinating.  The stillness of the water and the eerieness of the area make my hair stand on end!

If you ever get the chance, it is definitely worth a visit.

I've just realised that my post title might be making some people in the UK recoil a little.  My apologies.  For once I am not using this blog as a platform to bemoan the weather.

Here you go


Lucy x


  1. beautiful photos!! i love the idea of a drowned city, very 'atlantis' like. and oh so gothic!!

    well worth a trip to the welsh valleys for me i think one day.

    L xx

  2. Hello! Looks like I need to listen to Sisters Of Mercy!!
    I love that we're weird ice cream flavour twins. The aesthetically complimentary colours choices of your ice creams, that's why I chose mine, plus I like weird flavours.
    That place is so creepy - Wales is full of vast silent lakes and deserted villages - well north central and west Wales are. That view of the lake with the tower looks like Bavaria! The underwater shot is so creepy. I love it all. xxxx

  3. I love Lake Vyrnwy and haven't been for ages, it can get madly busy, can't it? Usually stuffed with loads of West Midlanders, too! I had no idea about the drowned city! Your pictures are beautiful. x

  4. O,that "lake" sounds and looks just breathtakingly eerie freaky possums! I would LOVE to catch a glimpse of the drowned village!
    Andrew!!! He's such a wonderful plonka! Jeez I loved Sisters...still do... I got to see The Mission in Auckland in 1990, but thats as close as I've gotten. Sisters,well, just Andrew, did come to Auckland last year, but I just couldn't justify the money to go up. I heard that Patricia Morrison ended up married to dave Vanian?! Awesome combination, that!
    Iceream! 'Tis the season.Might have to indulge this weekend!XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. The Camelot tower is amazing! I love the sound of the sunken village- just like Atlantis! I cannot believe you ate BLUE ice-cream! I never trust blue food (it all stems from eating a blue ice-poll as a teenager and then being very ill later in the day and seeing the contents of my stomach come up blue! (sorry to share! :-)) It sounds a wonderful place to visit! One of my favourite Northumbrian walks is Lambley Viaduct which looks rather like the pictures of the aqueduct!

  6. Such beautiful pictures. I've never heard of the drowned city before, Lake Vyrnwy is now on my list of places to visit! x

  7. You totally sold me on this place. A drowned city, how tragically beautiful it all looks. And there is ice cream there :) YUM. Thanks for sharing such a fascinating spot. I love places more when I hear the stories behind them. This one is ace!

  8. Wow, I truly never heard of this place - but it appears to be the most beautiful playground of nature to explore. I would surely have a field day here. That ice-cream looks like the most heavenly thing too - I want some right now! Sounds like one perfect getaway Lucy :) xo Marisa

  9. I don't know why, but now that I've read your post I want a huge lemon crunch ice cream (it's my favourite flavour!) listen to the Sisters of Mercy and live in a tower!!The place you visited is a real wonder, the nature is overwhelming like in a dream and the tower looks full of knights and princesses, I wouldn't be surprised to meet a dragon, I hope to visit such places soon!
    Lots of love

  10. The underwater picture of the village is so beautiful and sad. I love Wales but it's mostly north Wales I've been to. I'd love to see this place, it really is a beautiful country isn't it? Had a little crush on Andrew Eldritch when I was younger too but I must admit I've not really thought about him for years, now I'm curious to know what he's been up to all this time. xx


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