Sunday, 22 April 2012

This Week's Adventures in Thrifting

It's felt like an age since I last hit the charity shops.  The daily grind really can wear you down to the point where you don't have the time or the energy to do the things you really want to do.  I made a determined effort to put that right this week with some thrifting therapy.  Here are my rewards:-

1970's single duvet cover.  Might end up in my pile of unused vintage fabrics forevermore, or I could feasibly use it for Little Miss Nearly-5's room

I have a real weakness for plates.  I got these two sets of six.  The set on the left is Arcopal (like a French version of Pyrex) which I just love.  I was taken by the cutesy ditsy flower print.  I can't place the era to the set on the right.  The colour scheme of grey and pink might suggest 1980's but they were just so pretty I couldn't resist.  

I think they'd be fab to serve marshmallow themed desserts on!

Set of 3 kitschy fruit glasses 

 Eightiestastic leather bag
 Red cardi wih heart buttons

Last but not least and again not strictly thrifted, a new Barry M nail varnish in 'Berry Ice Cream'.  I can never resist a bit of Barry M.  They have such a rainbow range of pretty colours, and at £3 a pop, it's such a harmless little treat to yourself.  I'm gonna have the whole collection pretty soon, I'm sure.

So that's my lot, and very happy I am with it too!  Off to link up with Sophie Isobel to share the wealth.  Do take the time to go and check out everyone's else's finds.  It's a real fun interactive thrifters-of-the-world-unite thang! :)

Lucy x


  1. I love the duvet cover, it's so pretty! Lovely other finds too xxx

  2. I just love that hand bag and the cardi. Some terrific finds!

  3. Yay for that gorgoue duvet cover - make a DRESS! And I cannot get enough Barry M polish either - luckily darling Vix is so generous in sharing the Barry M love! Sarah xxx

  4. Wow! What great finds! My favourite is the retro duvet cover :) Maggie xx

  5. Lovely! I like the plates! I spent a long time looking at plates in a charity shop yesterday! Somehow resisted, but I quite liked the idea of doing some ceramic painting for my boyfriend's birthday!

  6. oooh yes, use that duvet cover, it'll look great in your little un's bedroom. Or turn it into a dress or skirt, if you have the skills. I don't. I bought that nail varnish recently. and I'm VERY VERY JEALOUS of that 80s bag

  7. Duvet cover is gorgeous - so pretty. Love the plates too!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Great buys love the sheet but i collect these myself snap them up when i see them. My bedroom theme is based this one ;-)) Lovely plates and glasses to. And that cardigan is really sweet. Happy cake making, dee x

  9. ADORE the homeware! i'm always on the look out for tea cups and kitschy glasses too xxx

  10. Sometimes a break from charity shopping is a good thing, you appreciate it all the more when you eventually get out to the shops. Love the Arcopal plate, duvet cover and glasses, all things I'd have picked up.

  11. What lovely things you have found, i love the plates, glasses and bag. You have good taste. Gem xx

    1. ooooh fabulous found! especially this 80´s rainowcoloured bag is a treat! and the cardi is superadorable!
      love and kiss,mary

  12. I'm a sucker for vintage fabrics too - I freakin love em!


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