Monday, 16 April 2012

Stephen Mackey

I have recently stumbled across the art of Stephen Mackey.  I don't know how I have never seen any of this before.

How beautiful is this?

So many elements of the Tenniel Alice in Wonderland illustrations

I really like the sketch-esque (artistic term) pieces too.  They seem almost whimsical at first glance but then the more you examine, the more sinister they appear.  Obviously, once you've seen the title of the above piece, it takes on a whole new meaning.

All images courtesy of

I don't claim to know anything about art except what I like.  I'm intruigued by these images.  I'm not actually sure I would have them around my home as they seem so insidiously dark.  There's not an awful lot of information about this artist around the internet.   Does anyone know anything about him?

Lucy x


  1. Oh aren't they funny! I really like them on hte whole, they are very Alice in Wonderland! But I do see the darkness that you refer to, all a little bit uneasy! I am intrigued, must find out more!

  2. They are lovely,lovely images...I've seen a couple of these before,somewhere...but I know nothing about the artist!! I could deal with them in my house.I think!

  3. I really love them, I've seen them before or a similar artist.

  4. I don't know anything about him. In fact this is the first I have heard of him. Love the art. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you very much for sharing Stephen's work Lucy.
    Slightly un-nerving, but thought provoking and richly detailed.
    Their titles alone a work of art in themselves.

  6. Thank you so much Lucy!!
    I didn't know this painter before and I'm really intrigued by these works you've posted..
    I really love this art genre maybe because I'm trying to work as an illustrator and painter and my mood is close to his atmospheres (even if I'm not as good as him and I use different shades and colors)so thank you again for giving me so much inspiration!

    1. You'll have to post some of your work on your blog x

  7. I have seen a few of these amazing works before. They are so beautiful and whimsical, but have that haunting feeling of uneasiness.
    I just love them. A bird lands on my winter arms is my favorite.
    Thank you so much Lucy for posting these.
    I too want to know more about the artist.
    Love v

  8. Hi Lucy, thanks for the link, they are incredible!

  9. OH! OH! OH! PICK ME! PICK ME! I FREAKING LOVE Stephen Mackey! I have two of his pictures on my blog sidebar all the time. I think he's my favourite artist. Did you happen to notice I had "Pendant Heart Hole" on my sidebar? Maybe not, but what a fun coincidence! Okay, I sound a little psychotic, so I'll go calm down and do some laundry.

    1. I know! It really drew me to your blog. Where did you discover him? Tell me, tell me!!

  10. Hey Lucy! Will you email me your address at so I can post you your prize!xx

  11. I love Stephen Mackey's art and it's so annoying being able to find literally no information on him! If any anyone finds anything at all and I mean anything; a photo, birth year, home town ect. please don't hesitate to email me


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