Sunday, 15 April 2012

Mint, Red & All The Colours of the Paintbox

What a lovely sunny Sunday it's been.  I hope the sun has been shining on your part of the world like it has here.

Today is the last day of the school holidays.  I promised Little Miss 4 that during the school holidays we could get the paints out and go to town.  She'd been pestering me for ages so I relented.  I was kind of hoping she would forget, for obvious reasons, but of course it wasn't to be.

This is me in my Sunday best.  I love the colour combination of mint and red together, its one of summer's redeeming features.  You might remember the cardi from this post.   I bought it from a charity shop and added the felt heart patch and buttons myself.  The red wedges are another bargain from Office.  This time from the Office outlet on Ebay.  My Spring/Summer wardrobe is never complete without a pair of red wedges.  Also, its yet another outing for my trusty typewriter tote.

Cardi - charity shop, customised by me
Top - charity shop
Skirt & necklace - Primark
Wedges - Office Outlet

Anyhoo, then it was time for a quick change and to prepare the way for the artist

We painted a sunny beach scene while listening to her favourite, Florence & The Machine, on the Ipod.

The artist at work

A sunny day and a happy child.  It's the simple things.

Hope you've had a good weekend.  I'm off to iron school uniforms :)

Lucy x


  1. Is that the Anthropologie skirt that I wanted so bad last year?
    what an adorable cutie pie you have there!

  2. oh, your sandals are just adorable... they look so good with this outfit.

  3. I remember looking for that skirt was it last year? Or the year before? (time blurs!) I think it was featured in a magazine so I'm so jealous you have one :D But it looks lovely with this cardigan combo and the red wedges.

  4. Polkadotpetticoat & Jennie- it was from Primark last year :)

  5. Mint, or any blue/turquoise, and red are one of my favourite combinations... like your customised cardi too. Erm, just clocked your wine stash too... impressive!;) xx

    1. Ha ha, there's more where that came from. Whisky and wine collecting is one of Mr N's passions! x

  6. Hi Lucy, you look gorgeous!, the mint and red is a beautiful combination. Its lovely to see your little Picasso at work, hope you enjoyed the school break, we have another week :)

  7. You are so beautiful!!
    I'm totally in love with the red and mint combination, you have such a great sense of colors and your skirt is beyond awesomeness!
    Your lovely daughter is so talented (I'm sure she has the same color matching gift) I love to see her photos, she seems such a cutie!

    1. Thank you. She's precious isn't she! I choose not to put my daughter on my blog because she's my baby and I want to protect her her privacy and dignity as much as possible until she is old enough to make informed choices for herself x

  8. The skirt is amazing, the print is just so very pretty. You look so very pretty.
    I just love the little heart brooch and the wee cardy. All perfect.
    Love v

  9. I used to love those sessions with my mum and I've carried on loving painting and drawing my whole life! I really love that skirt, I wish I'd got one now. You look great, the mint cardi looks much better after you pimped it up

  10. Love what you did with the cardigan! And the red wedges are gorgeous too =)
    Such cute pictures of the painting session!

    1. oh this outfit is sweet as candy darling! i love this cardi with the cute heart and your skirt is fabulous. and you are so right a happy child and his smile that´s priceless;)
      love and kiss,mary

  11. Oh I love these colours together - I would never have thought to put red buttons on that cardigan but it looks FANTASTIC! Skirt and shoes are also very delightful.

    Love your little darling painting - what a sweetpea. Sarah xxx

  12. beautiful colours you've put together. I think the combination of mint and red is lovely now that I've seen your photos! Oh, by the way--I love your profile pic. I had hair that colour once, but it was an accident, and I didn't look a tenth as good as you do with it. It's making me rethink my boring mousy look I've got going on these days.


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