Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pasta, Cobblestones & Old Friends

On Monday I had a lovely lunch with a friend that I hadn't seen for ages.  Our families are super close and have known each other for eons.  We lived around the corner from each other while we were growing up and went to the same school.   Although life takes you down different paths as you get older and life events sometimes mean that you lose touch, she is one of those friends that I will always love dearly and would do anything for.

Anyway, after so many "must catch up sometime" text conversations we finally got our act together and made a date.  She introduced me to The Quarter, a lovely little restaurant/deli type place in the heart of Liverpool's magnificent Georgian Quarter.

Unfortunately it was a piddling horrible day and it pediddled down for most of the afternoon which meant that I couldn't get many photographs of our beautiful location.

Georgian splendour as far as the eye can see.  Take away the cars and road markings and it would be like stepping back in time. Sigh.

Needless to say the weather didn't spoil our appetites.

Nom nom!  We got starters too but I'd gobbled mine without coming up for air before I realised I really should have been a proper blogger and photographed it first. 

We had sparkling conversation and lots of laughs.  We would have stayed for dessert too if we'd had time.  Unfortunately the combination of non stop gabbing and very very (very) laid back, albeit friendly, service meant that I had to rush off to pick up Little Miss 4 from school.

A lovely afternoon was had by all and a promise not to leave it so long again next time.

I didn't get any outfit pics from the day because of the horrible weather and bad light so have some from Sunday instead

Do you like the dress?  It was originally £45 (for flimsy 100% polyester - don't think so!) but I snaffled the last one in my size for a mere £12 in the Dotty P's sale.  Bargain

Dress:  Dorothy Perkins
Necklace: Primark
Shoes: Next
Til next time 

Lucy x


  1. I do like he dress and what a brilliant bargain.

  2. Oh the dress is gorgeous, what a way to cap off a post filled with stunning photos. Oh i've left a few lunches with the 'week, remember we have children to collect from school' & sent one mum ahead of us to round them up & warn them we're running late, talking, the children don't batter an eyelid. Gorgeousness all round, love Posie

  3. Perfect dress and perfect price Yay!!!!
    It's gorgeous on you.
    Love v

  4. What gorgeous architecture! Isn't it a shame that cars and road signs have to spoil the view?

    I do the same thing with dresses I see that are brand new, I gamble and hold out for sales!

  5. Is that Liverpool?! Wow! It looks lovely. The food and the place look fab. You look great too, that dress is great

  6. I miss England so much!!
    What amazing architecture and places!!
    You look amazing in your new dress and I love the yellow sparkle of your nails and shoes!

  7. Your lovely catch up day sounds like my day last Friday.....We girls need these great food and conversation times!
    I found some sweet items at such a great price....I can't wait to share, I have just been so busy with hubby at the moment with his business!

  8. Ooh I have those shoes! :)

  9. the dress is lovely! and a bargain! It stopped raining today! the sun even came out :)

  10. Oh dear that pasta looks bloody amazing.
    Love this dress on you! I agree £45 is a lot, but it's a bargain for £12! =) You look lovely!


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