Monday, 9 April 2012

Candy Coloured Clown they call the Sandman

OK so this obsession with ice cream and pastel shades shows no signs of going anywhere.

Yes I know I look like a Battenberg but that's a good thing right?
Not sure what I was thinking in this one

This is what I wore on Saturday when, for once, the British weather decided to stick to its guns and produce and maintain a rather pleasant, warm sunny day.

Yay for Picnik!

Gingham shirt - Matalan via Charity Shop
Cardi - New Look
Skirt - New Look via Charity Shop
Lilac tights - New Look
Ruby Slippers - Ebay
Ship necklace - Primark
Cupcake badge - gift
Nails - Barry M 'Lemon'

Anyone here afraid of clowns?


Sorry I couldn't resist.  The resemblance is uncanny though don't you think? :)

Anyhoo, Saturday was perfect for a spot of shopping, not of the chazza variety for once.

 Some blouses and tops in the most pastel of pastel shades, mmm...

I also bought this lilac cardigan.  Lovely colour but a rather boring design.  I'm debating between the red hearts and the glittery star buttons to liven it up a bit.  What do you think?

I have some rather exciting Ebay purchases of the pastel variation on their way which I will of course be sharing when they arrive.

Anyone else obsessed with pastels?  I know I am late on the bandwagon. What are your inspirations?  Share with me! :)

Lucy x


  1. I love the outfit and mix of colors! That cupcake badge is very cute!

    Red hearts for the cardigan!!

  2. You are too cute! Lovely clothes. I am not afraid of clowns, but maybe of that clown! ;)

    1. argh i´m afraid of clowns since i watched with my big brother it, this was really traumatic, i remember i even hit a clown when i was a child haha look gorgous and i love that bold colourcombo green, yellow and red, thats fabulous!
      love and kiss,mary

  3. Great buys those spotty tops are lovely. And you look really sweet in your outfit i love all the colours together. I think your cardigan would like really nice with the added buttons on plus no one else will have one like this ;-)) dee x

  4. You look super cute in the pastels :o) Scarlett x

  5. Glittery stars!
    You look bloody GORGEOUS,darl!Looking like Battenberg is totally a good thing!
    I awlays say I loathe pastels,but prove myself to be a liar quite frequently!There really isn't any colour or shade I don't like,I'm pretty sure!

    1. I know. Up until the last few weeks I would have sworn blind that I hated pastels. I've had my head turned by so many lovely bloggers!

  6. Love this look beautiful! You can really pull an ensemble together..they're always fab. Obsessed with these colors. My favorites to be exact. Also, your new finds are fantastic. I LOVE that blouse with the cars! It's so great!

    1. Thank you. What a lovely thing to say. The car print blouse was available in a lemon colourway too - I'm so gonna have to go back and get it! x

  7. I adore your sweet!
    not to mention your fab thrifted finds in your previous post!

  8. All the colors! I love it!(And, well, yes... clowns are a bit... well... clowny)

  9. So pretty in pastels Miss Lucy. I really like the green skirt. Xx

  10. You do look like a daffodil but not that terrifying clown. I'm also obsessed with pastels - you saw those peach trousers! I think go with the stars - they already look good just places next too the cardi. Actually have you thought of sewing them in a cluster?

  11. Oh Oh I love all the happy colours in your outfit!!!! You look so very pretty.
    Loving the polka dot finds.
    Love v

  12. Love how you mixed colors

  13. Love the yellow cardi and nails! You look great.
    I vote for the red heart buttons on your cardi =)

  14. Ha...I was afraid of clowns for a time. I'll never forget, my mom hired a clown to come in and entertain for my 5th birthday and it has all my friends either screaming or crying:)

    Your outfit here is one of my favorites. Goodness, I just love a gal who can wear color and lots of it. You definitely gave me a good bit of inspiration here...I love your whole outfit and the beautiful color palette!


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