Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Workin' For The Man

I don't really know what to talk about cos I haven't been doing anything interesting this week.  In the absence of substance I will post some work outfits.  Starting with yesterday...

What a miserable gob!

Bit of gapage.  The enemy of the curvy girl.

Skirt - Primark
Top - Red Herring
Cardi - Dotty P's
Bird brooch - Acorn & Will
Shoes - charity shop

Such nonchalance

I'm a little embarrassed that so much of the above outfit came from Primark, i.e., the skirt, blouse, cardi and necklace!  They just seem to have so much good stuff at the moment.  So many skirts in my ideal length and in all my favourite colours.  Primark for all your faults - I love thee still.  The cameo brooch is vintage and the shoes are from a charity shop.

I'm quite fortunate in that I work in quite a relaxed environment.  I don't really wear jeans so I dress for work pretty much as I would normally.

For some reason I am just SO TIRED and can't wait to get into bed with my supplies

Oh yes, I love me some sweeties.  Glad its my day off tomorrow.  Rock n roll!

Mark Radcliffe - swoon! :)


  1. oh I'm such a sweetie addict! I love all your outfits, it doesn't matter about the primark business, you picked all the best stuff

  2. Hope you had a good nights sleep and you feel better for it today. You look lovely really like the white and flower blouse that is so pretty. Have a good day, dee x

  3. Thank you for PJ's song!!
    It's really cool that you can wear what you like at work and your outfits are lovely,I'm really into peter pan collars and your shirt is perfect!
    Have a nice day!!

  4. Love the top outfit - absolutely gorgeous! Can't beat navy, red and swallows!
    Really could eat some sweets now too.

  5. I love the coloured tights! Very sweet outfits! I've never seen Mr and Mrs lollies before. x

  6. A girl after Jon's heart with a PJ Harvey clip and a bag of sweets!
    Your work outfits are so pretty. How refreshing not conforming to the cheap black polyester trousers and nasty blouse combo so beloved of many.
    Love the swallow brooch and the Peter Pan collared blouse. xxx
    PS We'd love to live in India but unfortunately their visa restrictions limit you to no more than six months at a time, they had enough trouble trying to kick us Brits out in 1947. x

    1. Oh I wasn't sure. Thought it may be because you'd miss the charity shops too much!:0) xx

  7. I've been eating sweeties since last night (wrapping pass the parcel) and have continued this morning (bought a load to decorate birthday cake), feel a bit sick now!

  8. I've got that swallow brooch! I loved your outfits, who cares if they're mainly Primark. Loved seeing glimpses of your kitchen again. Is all your house just as lovely? xx

  9. Lovely outfits! I adore your kitchen, I have some of the same china as you :)

  10. Your work outfits are great, I bet you're the best dressed person in your chosen profession!!

    Lis x

    1. oh i would love to shop at primark too seeing the amazing stuff you got there but we don´t have any primark here:( and blue and red are also one of my favourite colour combos ;)
      hope you have an fantastic weekend darling!

  11. Such sweet outfits!! I love the colorful tights. I love the pins you paired with your cardigans as well. Have a great weekend.

  12. I wish I could pull of coloured tights! They look so good on you. x hivenn

  13. I love the colours of these outfits! Making me want to get some coloured tights of my own. I feel you on the gapage, my chest just can't seem to be contained without lots of safety pins.

  14. I love your kitchen more every time I see it. And those brooches are GORGEOUS! Mister Men lollies? Wow - my niece would go nuts for them!

    Sarah xxx


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