Friday, 30 August 2013

Wild Mood Swings

Hello lovely blog readers

How are you?  I've been absent a wee while but let's not dwell cos that's boring.  Instead let me catch you up on what I've been doing.

Well, I've rejigged the old blogstead (again) and hopefully I've created a header that I might actually stick with for a while.  Also, last week I spent some precious family time in Pembrokeshire where I captured the beautiful medieval town of Tenby through my Hipsta-lense

Such a pretty little town.  Full of crumbling medieval walls mixed with windy roads of pastel coloured Victorian houses and hotels and the most beautiful seafront.  

This is me in one of my favourite childhood locations, Castle Hill.  I still get so excited when I see the canons

Managed to raise a small smile

Oh yeh, that was the other thing, the mister and I are expecting our second little bundle in March next year, yay :)

The first trimester wasn't kind to me at all.  It was basically a blur of sleep, longing for sleep, greasy hair, acne, soul crushing sickness and murderous anger and frustration.  Not pretty.  I barely left the house, inspiration was scarce and blogging was the last thing on my mind.

I'm hoping I've turned a corner now!

I promise this won't become a mama blog.  I myself have hit the snooze button on bloggers who've gone into full on maternity mode in the past so I know it's not everyone's thing.  Although, I'm sure you'll humour me a little bit won't you!

I'm going to try my best to catch up with you all soon

Ta ta for now



  1. Congratulations darling!!! I'm so happy to hear your wonderful news! You certainly deserved a glorious sunshiny day for your walk down memory lane in Pembrokeshire. What a beautiful wee town it is! Your first trimester sounds like it was absolute HELL, you poor wee thing. I was missing your fantastic blog so much, but oh how I do understand what a nightmare the pregnancy has been ... The Stylist has more than made up for the pregger's-hell I went through with her ... I was pretty much a swollen, tear-stained, demented mess for nine months and eight days (oh yes, eight days!). It's your blog sweets, you do whatever you want, I'll always be here:) Big hugs to you, D xoxoxoxoxo


    Good to see you back blogging, understandable why you've been away now hehe

    Lovely photos, my parents went to Tenby for their honeymoon way back in 1970

  3. Congratulations! Hope the next few months are kinder to you! Gorgeous photos :)

  4. I've never been to Tenby. It looks delightful. Congratulations on your news. X

  5. Congratulations! I bet little Miss is very excited. I hope the rest of the pregnancy is smooth sailing. x

  6. Congratulations! What exciting news. But eek, that bugger of a first trimester sounded dreadful, so pleased you are through the worst and feeling brighter, and back to blogging!
    Tenby is looking fabulous, and so are you! xxxxx

  7. Congratulations darling Lucy!!! What a lovely surprise to read this post!!!
    I'm sorry that the first trimester wasn't so pleasant for you!! In my own experience the second pregnancy was a great time but all the sensations and feelings were doubled, probabily because our body already recognize them!
    The place you visited is wonderful, I love medieval towns and the photos are beautiful!!
    Love xxxxxxx

  8. I'm really new to your blog but I wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy. I hope the remainder treats you better than your first trimester!

  9. Congrats on your pregnancy! :) I'm sure the horrible stuff will all be worth it when you meet your new baby. ^^

  10. Ahh congratulations Lucy! The first three months are usually the worst I think, that horrible morning sickness that actually lasts all day seems to fade after that, so I hope you have indeed turned a corner. I imagine even if you do blog about baby it'll still be in your own unique fashion and I look forward to hearing what's happening in your world whenever you're up to it. Tenby looks beautiful too, I love those effects, take care of yourself! xx

  11. Congratulations! What a nightmare those first months must have been, here's hoping to a much healthier and happier 6 months.
    I haven't been to Tenby since 1976 - the year of the great British heatwave - my Mum refused to let us go back as the weather would never be better and wanted us to remember it as a tropical paradise! xxx

  12. Oh sweet that is wonderful news.....congratulations! You look just beautiful. I hope you are feeling much better you poor thing.
    What a amazing place to holiday.....lovely.
    Love V

  13. Congratulations! Such wonderful news. I'm glad you're back blogging and hope you are feeling better.

    Tenby looks like such a lovely place, another one to add to my list of places to go.


  14. Congratulations - you look blooming lovely : )

    I have fond memories of Tenby, as it's right on my doorstep,
    and spent many school trips eating my packed lunch on the beach.

    I'm glad you had a wonderful time x

  15. the pictures are dreamy <3 and CONGRATULATIONS! (:

  16. Hi Lucy, what fabulous news!! Congrats! Hope you start to feel better now. You'll have to treat yourself to lots of 'new' clothes now-hee hee. xxxx

  17. Omgoodness! YAY Congrats on your pregnancy! You look ever so cute.... even if the beginning was rough. :)
    These pictures are lovely.

  18. Oh gosh that's wonderful, congrats on your new baby <3 Hope everything will go smoother from now on! Maybe the first 3 months are the "hardest" and now you will be ok to enjoy your pregnancy! Hope for the best!! For you , your new baby and your family ^^

  19. I love those childhood locations, they make me forget about the real world.


  20. awh, congrats on the little one on the way! you look stunning!

    lindsey louise

  21. wow, so that's where you've been! I'm really happy for you and I'm sure you won't make it all yummy mummy. Tenby looks gorgeous and all your photos look like John Hinde postcards which makes me happy. I hope you ate lots of psychedelic ice cream and dipped your toes in the sea. And I hope you're back for good, like Take That, only I don't want to punch you xxxx

  22. oh wowsers congratulations....when you turned sideways in that last shot i nearly fell off my chair!!! I am so happy for you and i will read it, tenby and babies!! love and hugs x

  23. what gorgeous photos!!! btw Im a new follower of yours can you please check out my blog?
    thanks :) xxxxx

  24. congratulations!

    I love the colour effect on the pictures, the houses look like the rainbow x


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