Tuesday, 7 May 2013

If they don't dance well they're no friends of mine

First, how about a spot o' Spring inspired gubbins...

...courtesy of Tumblr

Well hasn't it just been a glorious bank holiday weekend here in the UK!

On Saturday we went to our friend's wedding in Bridgnorth.  I think it may just have been the most perfect wedding I've ever been to.  I took lots of little phone snaps but will just share a few anonymous ones as the happy couple specifically requested that no pictures be shared via any social networking sites 

It included a beautifully decorated village hall, abundant fairy lights, bunting, the most delicious smoked salmon and cream cheese blinis I have ever tasted and later on, incidental music which included Echo & The Bunnymen, The Smiths and Stevie Nicks.

The weather stayed balmy and bright and there were party games for kids and adults alike.  I took part in a jolly game of musical hats accompanied by this song which I haven't been able to get out of my head since

There were gift bags for the children, a treasure hunt, and a photo booth with props aplenty.  My little miss danced all night until the bitter end.

We followed this with an overnight stay in Llanfyllin where we joined some family for a meal and some lazing in the sun

Good food and icecream was the order of the day... peach melba and lemon meringue since you ask!

All in all, a delightful weekend.  I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and that the sun continues to shine wherever you are 

Lucy x


  1. What a lovely post, I love the spring themed images! I really need this lovely mood on my raining day on this side of the pond! The weeding sounds great, I love that they entertained everyone included children, often they forget about parents and about how much they wish that the whole family enjoy the event! The menu is nice too! Now I need to eat a Huge ice cream in a meadow full of flowers!
    Love xxxxxxxx

  2. What lovely, sunny pictures - I'm starting to feel more and more guilty about neglecting my garden again!
    Was that Castle Hall - I was there selling at a vintage fair a month ago and it's a lovely, cheery building. The table looks beautiful! x

  3. mmmmmmmm ice cream, we always have to go for the maddest flavours! Lovely photos and you know I love Disney Alice too! Is that Tolkien quote about Faramir (hot) and Eowyn? Everything looks beautifully planned and individual at that wedding - a treasure hunt is a great idea!
    I just want to go to Swindon!! xxxxxxxxx

  4. The 1st gif is mesmerizing... and let me just say that the meal you just posted in there is even more mesmerizing...! :) xx

  5. What a fantastic bank holiday weekend, and the wedding sounds just perfect.

  6. I love you more and more . . . :)))))

    beautiful post:)

  7. Great images, the wedding sounds amazing.
    Thank you for sharing : )

    (rain has been forecast in Wales for tonight) :(

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  8. Even though autumn is my favourite season, you're almost making me wish it was spring here. Those meringues and strawberries look so good. I do love a knickerbocker glory. I haven't had one in years though.

  9. Looks like you guys had a great weekend, and everything looks so delicious!!

  10. What a great time it sounds like you had. From the photos you shared it looks like it was a beautiful fun event. How odd that they actually said no posted pics, are they celebrities? :0) I'll take one of those Knickbocker glories please!

  11. oh my goodness, they're wedding looks like a fairy tale! i love how vintage and girly it is- that little mail box is so sweet. im glad you took some sneaky snaps to share with us ;)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  12. Yes, it was a glorious weekend, wasn't it? Glad you enjoyed it, and that the wedding was delightful. Did you wear the frock you showed us, the lemony floral one?
    All those ice creamy colours, so pretty! xxxxx

  13. I'm just catching up on everyone's posts Lucy and I was wondering too did you wear that lovely yellow dress, it really was a beauty. I tend to favour dark clothes but I love a bit of yellow. That wedding looks and sounds amazing, I feel hungry after looking at all that delicious food, my appetite seems to be back with a vengeance! And you always pick such great Tumblr images, I love that first one, it's hypnotic. xx

  14. Oh my goodness... that food looks positively dreamy! I wish all my meals could be afternoon tea now. I have to ask too, did you wear the yellowy dress?

  15. So much pretty colour on this post today love all the pastel shades. The wedding looks and sounds amazing so much detail put into it sounds like a day never to be forgotten. The sun was wonderful at the weekend lets hope it comes back out to play soon, dee xx

  16. That wedding looks like it was glorious and fun and very special.



  17. Wow such beautiful blooms! The blossom of this time of year is so lovely isn't it. And that food looks so delicious, making me hungry!

  18. what a tune! and a wedding with photo booths and stevie nicks and hat dancing sounds so epic. The photos really capture how personal and young and fun their wedding seems to have been. Is the first .gif from bambi? Such lovely spring images


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