Thursday, 18 April 2013

Black Hair

The name of a song written about the beautiful Polly Harvey

By the raven haired guru himself, Nick Cave

Ok so that was just an excuse to show some gratuitous pics of the goddess that is Polly Harvey!

Getting to my point, black is also the colour that my own hair used to be for quite a while 

  The longest while actually.  Out of all the other colours it's been, I've stuck with black the longest 

Eeep!  Who is this pale tired looking woman?  Could it be me when Miss 6 was Miss just turned 1?!  Nope, it looks too much like Samatha Cameron...ugh!!!

So although I love my red hair

As immortalised by the amazing, also flame haired, Edie Pop

I'm itching to go back to black

I can't stop looking at pictures of...

Pretty girls with raven hair and red lips

What should I do....?

Damn decisions!

Btw, I have no idea where I got these photos, I've had them a while.  Most of them came from Tumblr I think.  Please let me know if any of them belong to you and I will credit you pronto! x


  1. Love PJ!
    You look gorgeous with black hair too!
    (Tough choice) Just change it up every now and then! NOthing's permanent!!! x

  2. You look so different! I didn't recognise you in that last picture in the car but you still look fabulous. I have a soft spot for red hair and that suits you, but if you fancy a change, go for it, as it really suits you too. As has already been said - nothing's permanent xxx

  3. Rising higher and higher in my estimation, love PJ!

  4. I'm just sitting here waiting for my black root touch-up to develop! Loving you with black hair, you look just as gorgeous as you do with red hair and that photo of you in the car? Wow! Nothing like Sam Cam at all! xxx

  5. PJ is amazing <3

    I've had black hair for almost 10 years now. I'm not going to change it up until I go grey, I think. Then I'm not sure what I'm going to do! Eeep.


  6. isn't pj harvey just amazing the photos are lovely. and a lovely picture of edie. red hair is great . go red i say. lucy

  7. I am black now and want to go red. But since I cannot decide, I will go brown, whatahell! :)
    PJ is goddess.

  8. Love the photo inspiration Lucy, that's exactly what I did when I first started thinking about dying my hair red. The colour is nearly gone out of my hair, I keep wanting to dye it red again but it just damaged my hair too much so I said I would wait until the little silver hairs start appearing to ever dye it again! I think you look beautiful as both ariel and snow white! ;)

    Emm x

  9. I love your red hair but I am also loving the black-haired version of you too! Oh how to choose!??!x

  10. Now I want black hair:) I say go for it!!!!! You look hot either way. BTW I am the worst about giving photo credit I hope I don't get busted!

  11. go Back to Black. x x x x

  12. Ah, Polly Jean herself!! Bloody LOVE her! So frigging mindblowingly talented.
    Black hair! I had black hair for a few years, and totally loved it. The ultimate Gothy hair colour. I love my red, though. But occasionally I yearn for black too!

  13. DYE DYE DYE! take a photo of the collar too! I do love you with red hair though. Maybe... red AND black? how cool would that be? Looking forward to seeing the result! xxxx

  14. I LOVE black hair too.

    You look gorgeous with black hair (You look gorgeous with red hair too OBVIOUSLY, but everyone likes a change every now and then right?!)
    I say go with black for awhile, if you miss red you can always go back. =D

  15. I know exactly how you feel! The urge to go back to black is too hard to deny :) I'm doing my hair black again soon! I think you look so lovely with your red hair though, but I think black is more fun ;)

  16. You look beautiful both ways Lucy, and incredibly perky for a mum of a one year old in that last picture. That is the absolute nadir of my looks, when children reach one, I'm just worn out and bedraggled at that stage. Love PJ Harvey, such a talented and beautiful woman. I think people who like black hair usually tend to like red hair too, I know I do. I've had very dark hair, though not quite black, for years and I'm heading towards red now, but I think about dyeing it back to a darker colour too. Maybe Clare's right, red and black? They're perfect together and then you don't have to miss either colour. xx

  17. Oh you really look so very pretty with red hair.....but I must say the black raven look is amazing on you.
    Love PJ Harvey.
    Have a splendid weekend sweet.
    love V

  18. I flit between black and red too,
    It doesn't do my hair any good though!

    I'd say try black again for a change : )

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Yvonne : My Haunted Attic

  19. I vote black!! I love your red hair but a change is sometimes what's needed and you look fabulous with black hair.

    PJ is a goddess - love her!!

    Also I'm pretty sure I have the exact same mixing bowl as you in that photo of you making cakes!


  20. I'm so happy to find my face with such an exquisite company!!!To dye or not to dye: that is the question, it's been a while since I change my hair colour to red and at first I dislike it because it was the colour I used to dye my hair for the longest time when I was younger, but now I love it!! I think is a matter of natural features and eye/skin tone, I'm pale and I have dark eyes with strong features, black or dark brown is not for me, but I always dreamed to have lighter eyes to have raven black locks!!You look amazing in red, but I have to admit that black really suits you, you look like Anna Karina, Godard's muse, one of the most beautiful woman on earth. So even if I'm the official redheads spokesman I'd love to see your black hair again, but if you'll stay in my club I'll be happy the same.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!
    Love xxxxxxxxxx

  21. Hi Lucy, I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting any posts from you anymore, so I've just re-followed you. How did that happen! Anyway, you looked fabulous with black hair and nothing like Sam Cam in the least. I remember dying my hair black - loved it. I say go for it. xx

  22. Beautiful with black hair, beautiful as a redhead, Lucy! So that's no bloody help at all, is it? Whatever you decide, you'll continue to be gorgeous! xxx

  23. I had black hair for a while and loved it! :) however, it just takes too long to fade as I am a blonde. I like having the option of lighter colors too.

  24. Oooooooooooh this is such a tricky one Lucy, because you look so beautiful both as a raven-haired beauty and a hot redhead! Oh dear, I'm just no help at all am I? I ADORE the beautiful painting the glorious Edie painted, she's so inspiring isn't she? Well, I've had a think about it and I reckon if you're ready for a change, then make the change. The photos you've put in your post of your inspirational black-haired beauties are gorgeous. Do it. xoxoxooxo

  25. You could with what ever you happy and most comfortable with. Being a red head I say red :-) good luck, dee xx

  26. Black hair really suits you! But then so does red...argh I'm not very helpful! I love both! Xx

  27. you look brill with red hair but I am curious to see you in black, i bet maybe it will challenge you to wear even more colorful outfits?! I have just done a dark purple dye over my black hair, love it and wish I could afford to have my hair professionaly colored in both black and purple. ie it 'd need to be bleached in places first. cant wait to see what u go for...

  28. You are absolutely stunning in your current hair shade but I also love the black on you! Both hair colors truly suit you very well! :)


  29. They are all gorgeous - I LOVE the last pic with the apple. I say go for it - if you hate, try something else... I wish I could go hot pink but alas, it won't take on my poor, abused hair.

    Sarah xxx

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  31. if nick cave has anything to do with it, go back to black!! he knows what he's talking about. :)

    little henry lee

  32. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!! B E A U T I F U L <3



  33. Oh, I just love black hair. I have a few wiry strands of gray showing up, and I am trying to decide if they should be turned back into my closer-to-black natural color. You look lovely both ways!


  34. You'll have probably worked out I've finally had time to visit your blog! Sorry I'm suddenly leaving lots of messages! But I had to write on this post - PJ is such a heroine of mine, and I've always adored the songs Nick Cave wrote for her, as well as his raven haired wife now Susie Bick.
    I can see you looking great with black hair, but your present colour suits you beautifully too, a tricky choice eh! I've never tried dying my hair as this dark colour just feels such a part of me, but I am letting the silver hairs slowly appear and I guess one day I may brave the hair dye....


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