Thursday, 10 January 2013

Just follow your eyes

Hello my friends.  It's been a little while.  How thee fettlin'?

These are some pics of me from last month getting down and dirty in the back alley with my new haircut and glasses

Yes I finally have a prescription for glasses, and just look how pleased with myself I look

Coat, blouse and tights - high street (Next, I think)
Skirt & vanity case used as handbag - Charity shop
Boots - Ebay

 I have wanted glasses for ever but I have never felt inclined to wear them just for fashion purposes.  To me that is the equivalent of wearing the t-shirt of a band you've never heard of just because they have a cool logo, ugh! (Yes all you teenage Ramones 'fans', I'm looking at you!)

Anyway, years of working with computers finally took it's toll and I was delighted to set about searching the interweb for glasses inspiration, which I found in the form of:-

1. Velma, 2. Enid Coleslaw, 3. Random 50's chick, 4. My stalkee style crush Emily, 5. Janeane Garofalo, 6.  The West Wing's Amy Gardner aka Mary Louise Parker

...and many others

So what's been happening?

I've had a wonderful break from work including many a duvet day, much needed time with family, time with friends featuring whiskey, home cooked food and flowing badinage, house clearing, and general lazing about.

We went walking in the forest looking for signs of the Gruffalo

and found a giant mosquito!

My gorgeous Mr N did some baking...

Yes, they were all as good as they look, although the lemon sponge cake was the pièces de résistance

I finally spent some time posting random stuff on my Tumblr page which I created and then left dormant for months.  I really enjoyed the anonymity of blogging into the ether. 

And although pickings have been relatively slim at the charity shops of late (which I blame on the time of year) I have managed to find a few pretties

 Boxed lace hankerchiefs and cute kids musical jewellery box

Orphaned china plates 50p each

Cute vintage kid framed pics & colourful tealight holders

Botanical print pic and vintage pinnie made for someone with a tiny waist!

It's nice to be back.  I've missed my little blog.

How is everybody?

Lucy x


  1. Hi Lucy, its so good to see you back and looking so beautiful to those glasses look brillaint on you. Im loving those 60's Strev prints as you know i collect these for my bedroom and im lucky to have those 2 you got also. Love the little childrens jewellry box to that is so sweet. I brought a reproduction for my little flower girl last month but it wasnt as cute as yours. Those cakes look delicious i love lemon cake its actually really refreshing for a cake. Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

  2. Oh Lucy!!!I was thinking about you today and finally you are here!!!Welcome back!!!
    I'm already signed under my real name to your tumblr, mine is a little bit creepier, but I love yours very much!I'm happy to know that you are fine and that you look great with your new haircut and glasses!This outfit is very pretty, I adore the blouse and the vanity case more than Enid Coleslaw!All the photos are great and, as always, I really enjoy your vintage finds: the jewelery box and the kids pictures are my cup of tea!I've just started to collect tacky vintage big eyed boys and girls pics, they are so funny!
    See you soon!

  3. Hi Lucy, wow it's been a while. Liking the glasses and I see you're wearing my favourite boots! I laughed at your comment about wearing a t - shirt of a band just because you think it's cool. I know! One of my daughter's friends who's 13 was sporting a Ramones t-shirt recently - she hadn't never heard of them nor their music. What's that about?!

    Lovely looking cakes and I adore that jewellery box. Good finds, missus. xx

  4. Lucy I missed your fabulous style Momma.....your cakes looked so yummy!

  5. Welcome back! The glasses and the dress are so very cute. Love your charity shop finds as always.

  6. Hooray, nice to see you back. I've missed admiring your charity shop loot! The combination of new glasses and fringe looks great, really suits you!

    In a bizarre duet of charity-shop coincidences, I too bought a vintage pinny from a chazza shop a couple of weeks ago, and the orphaned plate on the right matches a tea service my Granny has. I'm hoping to someday inherit it, as I've always thought it so pretty!

  7. Hey, you're back! I've missed you, Lucy, hope your blogging break and all the festivities have done you the power of good.
    Loving the new glasses and the shorter hair, and that blouse has a sexy Victorian governess look which I really like!
    Ooh, your Mr is a fabulous baker, get him on the Great British Bake Off! Lovely chazza finds, those prints are so cute.
    It's good to have you back, my dear. xxxxx

  8. Another adorable gal in specs, they look fantastic! I'm loving this outfit the fit is banging on you really lovely! I can't believe your Mr. made that, wow~ my sweet tooth would be in heaven! I always enjoy the look and feel of your blog, nice to have you back!

  9. Love the haircut and the glasses look great!!!

    That baking - wow, hungry just looking at it.

    Sounds like you had a lovely break, I am pleased for you.

    Welcome back!!


  10. You're back in business with a lovely new look! You look great wearing specs - they really suit you and also your outfit - loving that white vanity case! Those cake look so scrummy too and I reckon you've been doing really well with that charity shop haul! xx

  11. Those are perfect glasses. What an excellent lineup of inspiration you had to choose from. Your hair looks good in that colour and cut. I'm gettting a mod vibe with the coat on and as Curtise says "sexy Victorian governess" from the top.
    Visual feasting over here!

  12. Great finds - I really love the little apron! You really suit those glasses.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  13. so nice to see you are back in blog land, you have been missed. Loving the new haircut and by gum! those glasses look Fabulous!!!!! Glad to see you found some chazzing treasures but I do agree that it is terrible out there at this time of year, nothing but tit tat rubbish.

    More cake please x

  14. Welcome back! I've missed your posts. Glad you had a nice break, your new glasses are fab I'm quite jealous!
    I'm on tumblr too and have just followed you :) x

  15. That's an awesome pair of glasses, very sexy. Looking fab all round Miss Nation. I always love those lace up boots. Love the top and skirt. And you've picked out the best in glasses inspiration too!! I really love the pretty prints and orphan china, fantastic finds, very jealous, it's slim pickings round here xxx

  16. Lovely to see you again. You look fab in those glasses, I wish glasses actually suited me (have worn contact lenses for at least 12 years). The cakes look very nice indeed and the musical box is very cute x

  17. Hooray your back and looking as lovely as ever. Cool glasses and your dress is fabulous.
    Yes the shops surely have less around Christmas time. I had the same problem! The only problem I did not have was finding thrifted Christmas items.... now there was a plethora of those.
    MMMMM Sweet yummy things *num num*

  18. The bag/vanity case is so cute! I've been using a wash bag to carry my knitting around this week and everyone thinks I'm going away somewhere ;)

  19. It's lovely to see you back and looking lovely to boot!

  20. Good to see you back Lucy and you are looking lovely as everyone else has mentioned. I love all your second hand finds, especially the rose painting in your last pic as I have the exact same painting! The cakes baked by Mr N look so delicious too. I'm glad you've enjoyed your break for blogging but I'm glad you're back too, I've missed your blogs. xx

  21. How I've missed you, it's so lovely to see you back :). It's also wonderful to hear you've had many a duvet day ... they can be the best days of all - oh and lucky days at the charity shops! For slim pickings you sure did find some absolutely beautiful treasures, each picture takes my breath away - the three prints, jewellery box, pink paisley apron, gorgeous plates and you can never have enough tea light holders:). You are looking gorgeous Lucy, I love your new specs, they look fabulous with your outfit - the bag and boots ... I'm dying here!! xo

  22. Hello gorgeous!!!
    Welcome back! Pleased to see you looking delish in your new glasses and sexy haircut!
    It's great to have a break, quite refreshing, in fact!

  23. Cute outfit and lovely glasses ! And what pretty vintage finds ! Love the china plates ! xx Tani

  24. Lovely photos! I like your glasses inspiration :) x

  25. Looking cute, glasses are chic!

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  26. Hello, I'm so glad to have stumbled across your blog. There is just so much to love in this post. Love your blouse and the floral crockery and that baking looks scrumptious! :D

  27. Oh wow, I LOVE your boots! Gorgeous! Also your charity shop finds are divine. The pattern on that pinny is the best.

  28. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other? :)

  29. You look nice, I like it.
    and bte, I norminated you fot the Laine Blogger awards.
    Check my blog for more info.

  30. Where do I even start? Your glasses, your shirt, your shoes, all those pretty charity shop finds! So pretty!

  31. oooh darling i love haircut and glasses! but most of all these lace up boots! absolutely amazing!
    hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


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