Thursday, 15 November 2012

Up the rebels, and to hell with Burgundy

Apparently a reference to the Hundred Years War between the kingdoms of England and France, but if you're anything like me, you'll recognise the above quote from Carry On Doctor 

When I saw these suedette lace up boots on Ebay I knew I had to have them.  Everyone needs burgundy boots don't they?

I've had loads of comments on them, but most people think they're red.  Either way, I'm good with it. 

Anyway, I thought I'd team them with my newish charity shop acquisitions, floral gypsy style dress and longline burgundy cardigan

 I also wore my new favourite lipstick by a well known, affordable British brand fronted by a well known skanky supermodel.  Shade 107 (burgundy of course) in the matte variety.  I rather like it but it could do with being a teensy bit deeper in colour.

And all just to a bit of general running around, visiting, shopping etc.  In support with Curtise's most recent posts, I'm getting "dressed up" just for the sheer heck of it.

The pendant is actually a vintage style fobwatch.  It was my first ever Groupon purchase.  It arrived today and I love it

Victorian lady brooch

Dress & cardigan - charity shop
Tights - high street
Boots - Ebay
Pendant - Groupon deal
Brooch - high street

For all of you who commented on my last post, I send a massive 'mwah'!  Your comments were so reassuring and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  

Onwards and upwards my friends 



  1. The boots are lovely! The outfit is lovely- well done on getting dressed for the hell of it! Or 'the heaven of it' in this case!x

  2. Oh My God!! I picked up a pair in Cancer Research in Islington last weekend but they were slightly too big. SO jealous xxx You look fabulous in burgundy xx

  3. I love the boots, are lovely and from what I see, you look great!. I love your style <3

  4. These are just beautiful Lucy I am a sucker for boots of all kinds. I love how paired them too.

  5. I love, love your boots! And your dress... So pretty! Hope you had a great day in you ensemble too :-) Hazel x

  6. The boots are fab, Lucy, I am a little envious!
    Gorgeous frock, I especially like the close up shot of the pretty print and pendant, and your wondrous bosom! You look lovely in these colours, and hurray for "dressing up", however you want, for no other reason than that you can!
    Hope your concerns about your blog have reduced with all the positive messages and support from your blog friends. xxx

  7. The boots are gorgeous Lucy, I can't blame you for wanting them as soon as you saw them! I loved seeing you wearing the infamous Kate Moss 107 too, it looks fantastic on you, I've been wearing it so much lately!

    Emma x

  8. Gorgeous boots! I love getting dressed up just for the hell of it x

  9. Those boots are absolutely amazing!

  10. I work from home, so I use to dress up as I'm going to a ballroom if I have to spend few hours out, I know that it sounds crazy, but I feel the need of being pretty and happy.I read Curtise's post and I'm totally agree with you both, an outfit is about our fantasies, our interests and about being an individual. To dress up only for feeling better with ourself is the best choice.The boots are amazing and the floral dress has one of the cutest print, I love the fobwatch pendant too!

  11. What fabulous boots!!!! They look gorgeous with that outfit. Love it. Xx

  12. I want the boots, I'm coming up to your place to nick them. Or if you won't let me steal them we could watch Carry Ons and eat sweets. I knew I'd that line before! I love the gypsy dress with them. You look really gorgeous, love the supermodel skank lippy. Definitely in love with the victorian lady brooch - but the boots - I must have some!!! xxxx

  13. Those boots are gorgeous! WANT!!
    love your blog hun, you have yourself a new follower!

  14. Of course you had to have them, otherwise I would. I think we're the same size.
    they look amazing, perfect with that sweet frock and rocking jewellery.
    She doesn't bother me but Jon calls her a skanky biatch, too. xxx

  15. I am a total sucker for boots and yours are completely lush, and go so well with your outfit.

  16. i want your boots ... i could kill for a pair like these ... aaaawwwwww! ;)

  17. Those are very cute, love how the colors match.


  18. Those boots were made for walking and talking Lucy ;-) You look gorgeous, dee xx

  19. My Gosh do I ever love your boots. They look fabulous on you.

  20. oh those boots are love!!! red lace up boots i could´t imagine anything more fabulous darling!!! and also that brooch is adorable! and yes vix really has some amazing stuff, you don´t have a Facebook account?

  21. Perfect boots to wear with second hand-dresses!

  22. The boots are just wonderful - gorgeous colour, so Autumnal and elegant!!!

    Love them!



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