Saturday, 27 October 2012

Are You Ready Boots?

On Thursday I wore my favourite pair of boots for the first time since last winter 

These photos are grainy and rubbish as they were taken when Mr N and I had just returned home at about 11pm, you know being all rock n roll  an' all

Oh but I  do love me some victorian boots, and I've seen some fantastic ones on my fellow bloggers lately.

I'm Batmaaaan!

Speaking of bloggers, I dug this bag out of hiding when I saw the lovely Vix had found a similar one at a jumble sale, and was totally rocking it, as always

Trying too hard?

When I was looking back at these photos, I was reminded of this one

One of my first outfit posts from back in February, when I first started blogging.  Sporting the same skirt and boots.  Also taken late at night, under the garish, halogen glare of my kitchen lights, just before changing into my jammies and diving into bed.

Something I won't be able to do tonight.

I have an engagement party to go to.  I feel so robbed when my weekends get booked up.  Is that weird?

Top and skirt - charity shop
Cardigan - Supermarket
Boots - ASOS via Ebay
Bag & brooch - vintage, Ebay
Coat and tights - high street

Enjoy your weekend party people

Lucy x


  1. Lovely outfit! I have a soft spot for Victorian boots too, I am still looking for the perfect pair, similar to yours! :)

  2. Lucy, I LOVE your kitchen! You totally inspire me to try to incorporate more vintage in a real useful way. And I love love love your boots. I recently purchased a pair of laceup boots. Ohh, my favorites. Mine are not as tall as yours.


  3. You are SO rock n roll!!! Boots are one of the cool things about winter..

  4. The bag is lovely, matches your skirt nicely too!

  5. I mourn the fact that boots now have zips, I miss the inconvenience.

  6. I love your bag Lucy! And the collar of your top, it looks great under your cardi! I love Victorian boots but I've never found a pair I like on me, I guess they are one of those things I'll just have to admire on other people! I totally get what you mean about weekends, if I make plans I feel like I really have to make the most of the time I have to just relax and do nothing, my favourite part of the weekend!

    Emma x

  7. I isntantly thought of Vix when I saw this pictures of you. And you are rocking the bag as she does. I am loving your whole outfit especially that skirt and your boots are gorgeous, I have always wanted a pair of victorian esque xxxx

  8. Ooh yes, very 'woman in black', I like. I used to have some ankle length ones and I loved them aside from the laces' habit of coming unwound from the hooky bits all the bloody time. I resent it when my weekend is taken up with the kids' social lives - can do without Maccy D's parties - but this weekend is all about me! Birthday today, bit of afternoon drinking involved!

  9. Victorian boots ate the best :) and that bag is awesome!

  10. Yep. Those are pretty great boots!

  11. I tend to sit at home on a weekend when I'm doing nothing and feel like a lameo but when I have too much to do I feel robbed, Especially when it's evening stuff.
    Those boots are wonderful!! Victorian style boots are the best. I love your cheeky face with the handbag!! Did you know I've been saying you're just like the girl on Edie's blog header? Also in her latest Das Schaben post the top three girls look like you.
    Ps... Really love that skirt!!

  12. very cute boots. Are you watching the Paradise on BBC? fabulous costumes! I feel like that too about weekends i sometimes think i could quite easily be a hermit :)

  13. I love those boots Lucy, just got myself some new lace ups too but they're shorter and chunkier, I'd like some more glam ones like yours. You look so cute in that pic with the handbag on your head. I know just what you mean about giving up your free time, it's precious to me! xx

  14. Yay! Bag twins and if that's St Michael then we're skirt twins, too! Lace up boots are the best, the add style and attitude to everything.
    I'm so glad you think like me. I get really angsty when I'm booked up in advance even though I enjoy it when it rolls round. Hope the party was fun! x

  15. Your looking gorgeous loving your boots i have been wearing mine now for about 2 weeks its so cold and wet these days i think there a must my dolly shoes have gone on holiday. I have to say your kitchen is looking lovely though all that vintage crockery is a right delight on the eye. Hope you have enjoyed your weekend, dee xx

  16. I love your Victorian boots, and your fabulously autumnal skirt. I especially love the bag-on-the-head pic! I always feel a bit like I don't want to be bothered about going out at weekends, but once I'm out, I love it! xxx

  17. Your boots are fabulous!Laced up boots are amazing, but I still haven't found a pair that fits me, I'm jealous!The photos are perfect, my house tend to be dark in the evening and I'm always too tired to take such lovely pictures!You look gorgeous, I like your long hair and that skirt print is my favourite,it's perfect with your new bag! Have a wonderful week!

  18. Great style!
    and what a gorgeous kitchen!

  19. I have just got to say you really do have one of the cutest kitchens!
    That skirt your rocking is really fantastic, I adore the design and them boots are rather SEXY SEXY SEXY!

  20. O,I'm REAL precious about my weekends! I loathe it is I have aomething on on both Friday and saturday night.It sux.The BEST weekends are when I have nothing on and they're mine all mine!
    Love those sexacious Victorian styley boots! I really enjoy my ones when I get them out.I used to have some great ones back in my Goth days that I wore to DEATH!
    Fab frockage too,the print is lovely!You're pix are just fine,you're making the best of the time you have and the situation,and they're way better than any of my indoor shots! i much prefer to take them outside.
    Fancy you having the same awesome bag as Vix!
    Whenever I use an All About Eve song line, or a Gothy one, KNOW that i am thinking of you!

  21. I like your boots, the collars of your blouses, your cameo and your kitchen in the background: that lovely collection of coffeepots, the light blue and red colour scheme. Have a fine day!

  22. Yay for winter boots, they almost make coldness bearable.
    Gotta say, I'm in love with your kitchen. It is everything I could want in a kitchen! xxx


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