Monday, 5 March 2012

Your Baby Blues Would Flash and Suddenly a Spell Was Cast

When my sister asked me if I wanted this tea set, of course I nearly bit her hand off.  Baby blue - check, vintage and pretty - check, free - bonus!

I was amazed to find out that they actually originally came from Dunhelm Mill and are not vintage at all. - who'd-a-thought it!  I'm still chuffed to bits with them and they match my kitchen perfectly.  I can just imagine serving afternoon tea in these along with a fresh homemade Victoria sponge on one of the dinner plates. So very British and refined.  Like Miss Marple and Dolly Bantry!

I just thought I'd share!

Here's what I wore today

Nautical style dress - Next sale
Cardi - M&S outlet
Tights - New Look
Boots - Tesco
Bag - Charity shop (adorned with scarf also from charity shop)
Vintage hand painted wooden brooch - Ebay
Bangles & Bracelets - mostly Primark
Necklace - Accessorize, better view here

See you soon

Lucy x 


  1. ooh film post! Lovely dress! I love that tea set even if it's nearly new. xx

  2. Gotta love pale blue anything, vintage or not.
    I can't wait to rug up and start layering clothes, wearing tights and boots etc. It has been so hot where I live, today 38 degrees celcius forcast! Yuk!
    Your dress is gorgeous.

  3. It's GORGEOUS! And so are you - fabulous frock and love all of your accessories. Sarah xxx

  4. Your dress is truly dear!! Nautical inspired and bows...yes please! I love how you made it work for winter.

    Vintage or not, those little teacups are divinity! I'm such a sucker for pretty little tea cups and those are no exception. I would most definitely snag them in a heartbeat! Have a fantastic week loverly gal! xx Marisa

  5. oh I just love your red dress with such cute bows, you look so pretty in it!!!!
    The tea set is heavenly.
    Love v

  6. I love that dress! It's so bright and fun. I can't believe that tea set's from Dunelm. x

  7. Gorgeous tea set. Really like the dress too. I can't believe it's Next. I never seen anything I like in Next!

  8. I love that tea-set, you honestly wouldn't know it's brand new pretty much. Dunelm Mill is always good for a bargain, when I get my own place it'll be one of my haunts for homewares!!

    Lovely outfit too.

    Lis x

  9. Tea set is really pretty.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. Saw you on Emsipop's blog so came to have a nosey. I love your Dunelm mill stuff, i have got loads of bits and bobs from there for my house, most recently cupcake tins, yum! Im now following you chicken

    1. Aw hello, thanks for stopping by. Nice to meet you:0) x

  11. Your tea set is lovely and you look gorgeous. Thank you for your lovely comment and wishes about Dylan all went well but he is sore and making a terrible patient bless him. Have a lovely weekend, dee x


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